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Updates elements in a snapshot view


ProductCommand type
ClearCase LTcommand



clearviewupdate [ –ws pname ] [ –pname pname... ]


The clearviewupdate command provides a graphical user interface to the update command. For one or more loaded elements, clearviewupdate does the following:

  • Reevaluates the config spec to select versions of loaded elements in the VOB and loads them if they differ from the currently loaded element versions.
  • Unloads the file or directory from the view if a loaded element is no longer visible (that is, a new directory version doesn't have an entry for the element). To unload a directory element, ClearCase and ClearCase LT
    • Recursively delete all loaded elements
    • Rename the directory to directory-name.unloaded if necessary, which preserves all view-private files and view-private directories.
  • If the version in the snapshot view is different from the version in the VOB selected by the config spec, copies the version selected by the config spec into the view. The version in the view can be different if, for example, the selected version in the VOB is newer, or if a label is attached to the selected version in the VOB, but not to the version in the view.

clearviewupdate does not apply to files or directories that are checked out to the current view.

If clearviewupdate cannot access a VOB (perhaps due to problems in the network), any elements from that VOB remain loaded, but are put in a special state (rule unavailable).

The clearviewupdate command accounts for the fact that VOB elements specified by your config spec may change while an update is in progress. To avoid loading an inconsistent set of element versions, clearviewupdate ignores versions that meet both of the following criteria:

  • The version is selected by a config spec rule that specifies the LATEST version label.
  • The version was checked in after the moment the update operation began.

clearviewupdate also accounts for the fact that the system clocks on different hosts may not be synchronized.




Specifying the View to Be Updated

The current snapshot view.

–ws pname
Specifies the snapshot view to be updated.

Specifying the Elements to Be Updated

The elements specified by the view's config spec.

–pname pname...
Specifies individual files to be updated in the snapshot view.


  • Invoke clearviewupdate without specifying any view or elements to be updated.

     cmd-context clearviewupdate

  • Update foo.c in the current view.

    cmd-context clearviewupdate –pname foo.c



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