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Lists locks on objects


ProductCommand type
ClearCasecleartool subcommand
ClearCase LTcleartool subcommand



lslock [ –local ] [ –l·ong | –s·hort | –fmt format-string ] [ –obs·olete ]
[ [ –a·ll ] [ –pna·me ] pname ...
| object-selector ...


The lslock command lists locks that have been placed on one or more VOB-database objects (with the lock command). The listing can include all the locks created within a VOB or a particular set of locks:

  • Locks on elements or branches
  • Locks on type objects
  • Locks on VOB replica objects
  • Locks on VOB storage pools
  • The lock on the VOB object itself

Obsolete Type Objects

Type objects can be rendered obsolete with the lock –obsolete xxtype: command. lslock lists an obsolete type object if you specify its name with a type-name argument or you use the –obsolete option.




Listing Lock State of Local Copies of Global Types

lslock displays the lock state of the global type for the object selector you specify.

Displays the lock state of the local copy of the global type. For more information, see the Administrator's Guide.

Report Format

A lock listing looks like this:

01-Sep.08:42 drp lock attribute type "AT2" (locked)
 "Locked for all users."

Expands the listing with more time-specific and user-specific information.

Restricts the listing to names of locked objects only.

–fmt format-string
Lists information using the specified format string. See the fmt_ccase reference page for details about using this report-writing facility.

Listing Obsolete Objects

  An obsolete object is not listed unless you specify it with a command-line argument.

Includes obsolete objects in the listing. (Has no effect if you specify one or more objects with arguments.)

Specifying the Locked Objects

Lists all the locks created in the VOB containing the current working directory.

[ –pna·me ] pname ...
One or more pathnames, each of which specifies an element or branch:
foo.cElement foo.c
foo.c@@Element foo.c
foo.c@@/main/bugfixBranch of element foo.c

(Versions cannot be locked; a pathname to a version references the element object.) Using pname arguments restricts the listing to locks on those particular objects (but see the –all description below).

If pname has the form of an object selector, you must include the –pname option to indicate that pname is a pathname.

Note: Specifying an element lists only the lock on the element itself, not on any of its branches.

For each pname argument, lists all locks in the VOB containing pname. Has no effect if you don't specify any pname argument (because the default is to list all locks in the current VOB).

object-selector ...
One or more non-file-system VOB objects. The objects must exist in the VOB containing the current working directory, unless you specify another VOB with @vob-specifier. Specify object-selector in one of the following forms:
vob-selector [vob:]pname-in-vob
  pname-in-vob can be the pathname of the VOB tag (whether or not the VOB is mounted) or of any file system object within the VOB (if the VOB is mounted). It cannot be the pathname of the VOB storage directory.
attribute-type-selector attype:type-name[@vob-selector]
branch-type-selector brtype:type-name[@vob-selector]
element-type-selector eltype:type-name[@vob-selector]
hyperlink-type-selector hltype:type-name[@vob-selector]
label-type-selector lbtype:type-name[@vob-selector]
trigger-type-selector trtype:type-name[@vob-selector]
pool-selector pool:pool-name[@vob-selector]
oid-obj-selector oid:object-oid[@vob-selector]
The following object selector is valid only if you use MultiSite:
replica-selector replica:replica-name[@vob-selector]


The UNIX examples in this section are written for use in csh. If you use another shell, you may need to use different quoting and escaping conventions.

The Windows examples that include wildcards or quoting are written for use in cleartool interactive mode. If you use cleartool single-command mode, you may need to change the wildcards and quoting to make your command interpreter process the command appropriately.

In cleartool single-command mode, cmd-context represents the UNIX shell or Windows command interpreter prompt, followed by the cleartool command. In cleartool interactive mode, cmd-context represents the interactive cleartool prompt.

  • List the locks on three label types.

    cmd-context  lslock lbtype:REL1 lbtype:REL1.1 lbtype:REL2 
    08-Dec.12:19 jackson lock label type "REL1" (locked)
     "Locked for all users."
    08-Dec.12:19 jackson lock label type "REL1.1" (locked)
     "Locked for all users."
    08-Dec.12:19 jackson lock label type "REL2" (locked)
     "Locked for all users."

  • List the lock on a particular branch of a particular element.

    cmd-context  lslock util.c@@/main/rel2_bugfix 
    08-Dec.12:19 jackson lock branch "util.c" (locked)
     "Locked for all users."

  • List the entire-VOB lock on the current VOB, in long format.

    cmd-context  lslock –long vob:. 
    08-Dec-98.14:57:58 Chuck Jackson (test user) (jackson.dvt@oxygen)
     lock versioned object base "s:\people\chuck\hw.vbs" (locked)
     "Locked for all users."

  • List all locked objects (including the obsolete ones) in the current VOB.

    cmd-context  lslock –obsolete 
    08-Dec.12:18 jackson lock file element
    "/usr/hw/src/hello.c@@" (locked)
    "Locked for all users."
    08-Dec.12:19 jackson lock label type "REL1" (locked)
     "Locked for all users."
    08-Dec.12:19 jackson lock label type "REL2" (locked)
     "Locked for all users."
    08-Dec.12:18 jackson lock branch type "test" (locked)
     "Locked except for users: gomez jackson"
    08-Dec.12:18 jackson lock branch type "patch3" (obsolete)
     "Locked for all users (obsolete)."
    08-Dec.12:18 jackson lock file element
    "/usr/hw/src/convolution.c@@" (locked)
    "Locked for all users."
    08-Dec.12:19 jackson lock branch
    "/usr/hw/src/util.c@@/main/rel2_bugfix@@" (locked)
    "Locked for all users."

  • List the locks on two of the current VOB's storage pools.

    cmd-context  lslock pool:staged pool:cdft 
    08-Dec.12:19 jackson lock pool "staged" (locked)
     "Locked for all users."
    08-Dec.12:19 jackson lock pool "cdft" (locked)
     "Locked for all users."



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