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Lists data container pathname for MVFS file


ProductCommand type



  • UNIX:
    mvfsstorage pname ...

  • Windows only—Display pathname of data container:
    mvfsstorage [ –a | –k | –u ] pname ...

  • Windows only—Display help on command options:
    mvfsstorage –h


mvfsstorage lists the pathname of the data container of an MVFS file. The pathname may be within view-private storage, the source pool, or the cleartext pool, depending on the kind of file.

Kind of fileInformation displayed
View-private file (including checked-out versions, unshared derived objects, and nonshareable derived objects)Pathname to the data container in the view's private storage area
Version whose element uses a single data container filePathname to the data container in the VOB cleartext storage pool

Note: If you have accessed the version recently, this is the actual pathname of the data container. If you have not accessed the version recently, this is the pathname to which ClearCase would extract the version.

Version whose element uses a separate data container file for each versionPathname to the data container in the VOB source storage pool

mvfsstorage is intended for use in finding discrepancies in OS-level access rights between the view and the underlying MVFS storage. Such discrepancies may occur when you do not have access rights to the remote underlying storage (for example, in UNIX, the storage may be owned by root). If you encounter a permissions error that seems unfounded, run this utility as a diagnostic and verify that you have valid access to the remote storage directory, specifically to the underlying data container pathname.




Displays help on command options.

Displays both kernel and UNC/drive letter pathnames.

Displays pathname in kernel mode format, which includes the device name.

Displays the pathname in user mode format. The path is displayed in drive letter form for local paths and automounted NFS volumes, and in UNC form for remote SMB or non-auto-mounted NFS paths.

pname ...
One or more names of files whose pathnames are under a VOB tag (an MVFS object). For directories and non-MVFS objects, mvfsstorage echos the pathnames you give it.


  • For a view-private file, compare view-level ownership and permissions against those on the file's underlying storage location.

    ls -l unixV7 ‘/opt/rational/etc/mvfsstorage unixV7‘ 
    -rwxrwxrwx  1 nobody 65534  2210032  May 12 09:33 /net/myhost/home/myview/
    -rwxrwxrwx  1 root   sys    2210032  May 12 09:33 unixV7*

  • For a local view-private file, return data on the file's underlying storage location.

    Z:\myvob\mydir> mvfsstorage util.c 

  • For a remote VOB file, return data on the file's underlying storage location.

    C:\users> mvfsstorage z:\vob1\src\foo.c 


mvfslog, mvfstime, mvfsversion, Administrator's Guide



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