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     g711conv -- conversions according to G.711


     g711conv [-a] [-u] [-P] [-A] [-R]


     The g711conv utility is part of the isdn4bsd package and is used to con-
     vert between the A-Law and u-law formats as specified in ITU G.711.  It
     is based on a freely available and freely usable reference implementation
     done by Sun Microsystems, Inc.

     The following options are available:

     -a      Convert A-law to u-law

     -u      Convert u-law to A-law

     -r      Reverse bits before conversion

     -R      Reverse bits after conversion

     -P      Print the resulting conversion tables (as C-source) to stdout
	     instead of doing the actual conversion.


     A-Law and u-Law conversions are specified in ITU Recommendation G.711.

     The reference implementation done by Sun Microsystems, Inc. is available
     from http://www.itu.int/itudoc/itu-t/rec/g/g700-799/refimpl.txt


     The command:

	   g711conv -P -a

     prints out the A-law to u-law conversion table as C-source to stdout.

     The command:

	   cat max_headroom.ul | g711conv -u -R > /dev/i4btel0

     converts the u-law coded voice of Max Headroom to A-law, reverses the
     bits of the result and moves that to an active isdn4bsd telephone connec-


     The g711conv utility and this manpage were written by Hellmuth Michaelis
     <hm@kts.org> based on the G.711 conversion reference code written by Sun
     Microsystems, Inc. and code contributed to isdn4bsd by Stefan Bethke.

FreeBSD 5.4			March 15, 1999			   FreeBSD 5.4


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