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sbni -- Granch SBNI12 leased line modem driver


     device sbni


     The sbni driver provides support for leased line modems of following mod-

     o	 SBNI12-02, SBNI12D-02
     o	 SBNI12-04, SBNI12D-04
     o	 SBNI12-05, SBNI12D-05, ISA and PCI
     o	 SBNI12-10, SBNI12D-10, ISA and PCI

     and a kit for data link over a voice band:

     o	 SBNI12-11, SBNI12D-11, ISA and PCI.

     In addition to the standard port and IRQ specifications, the sbni driver
     also supports a number of flags which can set baud rate, receive level,
     and low three bytes of Ethernet MAC-address (high three are always
     00:ff:01), because Granch modems are presented to the system as Ethernet-
     like network cards.

     The high byte of the flags is a bit field, it is used to specify SBNI
     adapter receive level/baud rate:

	   Bits 0-3:  receive level (0x00..0x0f)

	   Bits 4-5:  baud rate number:

		      00 - 0 baud rate (2Mb in fast mode/500kb in slow)
		      01 - 1 baud rate (1Mb/250kb)
		      10 - 2 baud rate (500kb/125kb)
		      11 - 3 baud rate (250kb/62.5kb)

	   Bit 6:     use fixed receive level

		      if bit 6 is set then receive level will be set according
		      to bits 0-3 value, otherwise receive level will be

	   Bit 7:     use fixed baud rate

		      if bit 7 is set then baud rate will be set according to
		      bits 4-5 value, otherwise baud rate is set to 2Mb


     The sources for the driver reside in:



     arp(4), netintro(4), ifconfig(8)

     SBNI12 hardware was designed by Alexey V. Chirkov.

FreeBSD 5.4			January 8, 2002 		   FreeBSD 5.4


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