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wd, wdc -- generic WD100x/IDE disk controller driver


     device wdc0 at isa? port IO_WD1 irq 14 [flags flags]
     device wd0 at wdc0 drive 0
     device wd1 at wdc0 drive 1 [flags flags]


     This driver provides access to disks connected to controllers that emu-
     late the Western Digital WD100x series.  This range of controllers
     includes WD1003 type ST412 controllers, WD1007 ESDI controllers and also
     the generic IDE controllers found on most motherboards.

     Your controller documentation is usually quick to point out any WD100x

     You can convey a number of hints and instructions to the driver using the
     flags parameter.

     For each drive there are six bit-fields encoded in a 16 bit integer:

     0x8000  Test and use the 32bit transfer capability of the drive.

     0x4000  If drive looks like it's coming out of sleep mode, assume it's
	     confused and reinitialize it.

     0x2000  Probe for and use the bus-mastering DMA capabilities of modern
	     PCI chipsets.

     0x1000  Use LBA addressing instead of the default CHS addressing.

     0x0f00  Force number of heads to ((flags & 0xf00)>>8), recalculate number
	     of cylinders to match.

     0x00ff  Test and use multi-sector transfer mode of this drive, max number
	     of sectors attempted is (flags & 0x00ff).

     The flags can be specified on the line for the drive as a 16 bit int, or
     on the controller line as a 32 bit int, where the top 16 bit is relevant
     to the highest numbered drive.


     /dev/wd*			       wd device nodes
     /sys/i386/conf/GENERIC	       sample generic kernel config file for
				       (a.o.) wd based systems
     /sys/i386/isa/wd.c 	       driver source


     This driver will soon be completely replaced by the ata and ad drivers.

FreeBSD 5.4			August 31, 1994 		   FreeBSD 5.4


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