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libstlibm - shared library for communication to IBM 3494 silos


       libstlibm.so (Solaris)
         libstlibm.so.a (AIX)


       libstlibm.xxx  is  a  shared  library  that  handles  the communication
       between nsrjb and the IBM silo driver (on AIX) or daemon (on  Solaris).
       The  IBM  driver/daemon then handles the communication over the network
       to the silo.  There are no options, parameters or environment variables
       that  affect the operation of libstlibm.  The correct path to this file
       should be entered when an IBM silo is configured using  jbconfig.   The
       default values specified by jbconfig match the default locations chosen
       for the installation program, and in most cases can be accepted.

       For NetWorker to work with the 3494,  you  must  have  first  installed
       IBM's Automated Tape Library support.

       On  AIX, you will need to install a driver called atldd (Automated Tape
       Library Device Driver).   You  may  also  require  the  IBMtape  driver
       (Enhanced  Tape and Medium Changer Device Driver) if you are using 3590
       drives in your 3494.

       On Solaris, you will need to install the lmcpd package, (IBM  Automated
       Tape  Library  Daemon)  to  use the silo.  Again, if you are using 3590
       drives, you will also need to install the IBMtape  driver.   Note  that
       when you are using IBMtape, there will be two sets of device files that
       will access a given tape drive.  There will  be  the  standard  Solaris
       style /dev/rmt/Xmbn type, and there will be the IBMtape supported files
       of the type /dev/rmt/Xstbn.  You should use the  IBM  supported  device
       files for proper operation of your tape drives.

       Note: Legato cannot supply these IBM drivers.  They may be available on
       an IBM Device  Driver  ftp  site  (,  but  this  is  not
       necessarily a long-term IBM committed site.


       nsrjb(1), jbconfig(1), dasadmin(1), libstlemass(1), ssi(1), mini_el(1),


       Errors in communication between the NetWorker server and the  IBM  3494
       silo are difficult to diagnose.  The best method is to use the IBM sup-
       plied utility mtlib to verify that you  have  properly  configured  the
       3494  to  communicate  with your host, and that the entire pathway from
       either the lmcp driver (on AIX) or the lmcpd  daemon  (on  Solaris)  is
       functioning  properly.  If mtlib does not work, then there is no chance
       that NetWorker will work.

       If there are any questions about the connection between your  host  and
       the  3494,  it  is  best to consult IBM, as they support the connection
       between the host and the silo.  IBM supports both  network  and  serial
       cable  connections  to the silo.  Since the nature of the connection is


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