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ddmgr - Device detection manager. Manages auto-detection on local and remote storage nodes.


       ddmgr [ -S ] [ -M ] [ -q ] [ -v ]


       ddmgr is the main daemon for auto-detection that runs on the  NetWorker
       server  machine. It spawns child processes (of dvdetect) for each stor-
       age node on which devices are to be detected.

       It starts the child processes with the help of the  nsrmon(1)  process,
       and depends on nsrmon to report on the success or failure of the remote
       dvdetect process.

       Once dvdetect on a storage node has  finished  its  work  of  detecting
       devices,  ddmgr  takes  up  the  task  of  creating resources for these
       detected devices, and in case of  jukeboxes,  tries  to  find  out  the
       device mapping (element id to device path) by spawning another process,
       dtbind.  dtbind determines the device mapping by loading each drive  in
       the  jukebox that was detected and then trying to access it via various
       device paths till it finds the right one. This might take a  long  time
       depending on the type of the jukebox.

       ddmgr  is invoked by the nsrd process and is not be invoked on the com-


       -q     Tells ddmgr to detect and create device  resources  but  not  to
              enable them.

       -M     This  option  tells ddmgr that it has been invoked by the server
              and to direct messages to the daemon log.

       -q     This option tells ddmgr to  run  in  the  'quiet'  mode  without
              printing any messages.

       -v     This  option  is  used to run ddmgr in the verbose mode for more
              debug messages.


       Exits with 0 on sucess and 1 on error.  See  error  messages  for  more
       detail on errors.




       Most,  if  not  all,  of  ddmgr error reports is preceded by the phrase
       "Detection process for host X reports", followed by  the  actual  error
       message.  This error message is based on the error reported by the nsr-
       mon process monitoring the dvdetect process, or in cases  where  nsrmon
       itself  cannot  be started, about the nsrmon process. The following are
       the error messages that ddmgr might produce along with  their  implica-

       remote auto-detect feature not supported
              Auto-detect  was being performed on a host that does not support
              this feature. The client/storage-node should be 6.x or higher.

       dvdetect process failed on signal
              The remote dvdetect process was killed by a signal.  This  could
              happen  even  when  the process encounters a memory fault. Check
              for core files in the nsr/cores directory.

       dvdetect terminated due to timeout
              The dvdetect process was terminated because  of  its  inactivity
              for  a  certain period of time. The timeout is set by default to
              15 minutes. This is not  user  configurable.   dvdetect  process
              exited on signal The local dvdetect process was killed by a sig-
              nal. This could happen even when the process encounters a memory
              fault. Check for core files in the nsr/cores dir ectory.

       dvdetect exec failure
              The  ddmgr  process  was unable to start the dvdetect process on
              the server.  Check  for  execute  permissions  on  the  dvdetect

       nsrmon exec failure
              The  ddmgr process was unable to start the nsrmon process on the
              server. Check for execute permissions on the nsrmon binary.

       nsrmon process exited on signal
              The nsrmon process exited on a signal. This  could  even  happen
              whenthe  process  encounters a memory fault. Check the nsr/cores
              direcotry for a core file.

       dvdetect failed with unknown error
              ddmgr was unable to determine the cause of the  failure  of  the
              dvdetect process.

       nsrmon failed. No info in the resdb
              The  nsrmon  process exited without loggin any information about
              either the remote dvdetect process or itself. Ddmgr is unable to
              verify status of both.

       nsrmon failed. Invalid request or hostname
              The  nsrmon  process was started with an invalid option or host-
              name. Check if the remote storage node  is  reachable  from  the

       nsrmon failed. Authorization failure
              The  nsrmon  process  could  not get authorization from the Net-
              Worker server to talk to the remote storage node.

       nsrmon exited on resdb access failure
              The nsrmon process encountered errors in reading  the  NetWorker
              RAP database.

       nsrmon exited on memory failure
              The  nsrmon process ran out of physical memory while processing.
              Add more memory.

       RPC error Remote systems
              The nsrmon process was unable to connect  to  the  remote  host.
              This  could  be because of network problems, or if the NetWorker
              processes were not installed on the remote system.


Legato NetWorker 7.x

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