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hagetconf - Host Agent client configuration update program


       hagetconf -s server [ -c client ] [ -L | -l log file ] [ -D debug level


       The hagetconf program is used to update a Host Agent Client's  configu-
       ration  information  by  pulling the latest configuration down from the
       Host Agent Server.

       The hagetconf program is automatically run on the client in response to
       configuration  changes  made on the server. It may also be run manually
       on the client if desired, by a user who has  administration  privileges
       in the NSRLA RAP database.

       The configuration is obtained from the Host Agent Server's hagentd dae-
       mon, and is written to the client's NSRLA RAP database.


       -s     server_name
              The host  name  of  the  system  where  the  Host  Agent  Server
              (hagentd) which administers this client is running.

       -c     client_name
              The  name  of  the client. The value used for this argument must
              match either the client name attribute or any of the values from
              the  aliases  attribute  in this client's Client Resource in the
              server's RAP database.

       -D     debug_level
              Run hagetconf in a mode which causes  debug  information  to  be
              printed  out.  This option should only be used if Legato Techni-
              cal Support asks you to do so. The debug_level argument controls
              the   verbosity  of debug output - higher values cause more ver-
              bose output.

       -L     Tells hagetconf that any logging information should  be  written
              to  the  default application logfile - this file is named haget-
              conf.log, and will be located in  the  applogs  subdirectory  of
              your  NetWorker installation directory.  Only one of "-L" or "-l
              <log_file_name>" may be specified - not both.  If  neither  "-L"
              or  "-l <log_file_name>" is specified in the arguments to haget-
              conf then any logging information will be printed on stdout  and

       -l     log_file_name
              Allows  you  to specify the name of the file that hagetconf will

       the Host Agent Server running on host myserver

                            hagetconf -s myserver -c myclient


       hagetconf will not succeed unless nsrexecd is  running  on  the  client
       system, and hagentd is running on the server system.

       When  it  starts importing the configuration from the server, hagetconf
       sets the client's Host Agent Client resource status to being updated

       If the configuration update fails to complete  successfully,  then  the
       status  will  be  left  as  being  updated, otherwise it will be set to




Legato NetWorker 7.x

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