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libscsi - SCSI device library


       The  SCSI  device library is a private set of interfaces that NetWorker
       uses to communicate with SCSI devices.
       Important: SCSI devices are named independently of the platform.

       There are several functions in this library.  The name of a SCSI device
       is  identified as a combination of bus, target, and logical unit number
       (LUN) (b.t.l), where b is the logical scsi bus, t is the  SCSI  target,
       and l is the SCSI LUN on that target. Do not assume that a logical SCSI
       bus number is related to any specific platform or hardware bus  number.
       Rather,  a  logical SCSI bus number is a dense positive integer address
       space that is consistent as long as the hardware configuration  of  the
       system  remains  the same. Target and LUN information is based upon the
       attached SCSI peripheral devices and  their  settings.  Some  platforms
       enable  dynamic  addition  and removal of SCSI devices, but may require
       flushing of cached device information (see lrescan(1)).


       Typically, if a device has no system driver, system privileges are  not
       required  for  users to send commands to this device. If a device has a
       system driver (for example, a tape drive), then system  privileges  are
       required in order to send a command to these devices.




Legato NetWorker 7.x

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