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mmlocate - NetWorker media location reporting command


       mmlocate [ -s server ] [ -l
        { -n volname | -i volid | location }] [ -L ] [ -d location ]
       [  -c  { -n volname | -i volid }] [ -u { -n volname| -i volid| location


       The mmlocate command is used to access and manage the  volume  location
       information contained in the media database.  The information contained
       in a volume's location field is meant to give the user an idea of where
       the volume can physically be found.  Other NetWorker commands will dis-
       play the location along with the volume name (see the versions sub-com-
       mand  of  recover(1)).   Any  user  can  use  this  command with the -l
       (default) or -L options.  The -c, -d and -u options are limited to Net-
       Worker administrators (see nsr(1)).  -l is assumed by mmlocate if a -L,
       -c, -d or -u option is not specified.

       Running mmlocate without any arguments  lists  all  volumes  and  their
       locations for the specified server (if you do not specify a server, the
       current host is used).

       Note that each time nsrjb(1) moves a piece of media inside  a  jukebox,
       the location of a volume is set to the name of the jukebox.  When using
       storage nodes, the name of the jukebox is used  to  indicate  on  which
       node the volume can be mounted.  Hence, the first portion of this field
       containing the jukebox name should not be changed.  When using  volumes
       on  a  storage node that are not contained within a jukebox, this field
       can be used to indicate on which node a volume should  be  mounted,  by
       giving  it  a  value  of any remote device on that node.  
       See nsr_storage_node(5) for additional detail on storage nodes.


       -c     Clears the location field for the specified volume.

       -d location
              Deletes all volumes associated with the specified  location.   A
              confirmation  prompt  appears prior to the deletion of each vol-

       -i volid
              Restricts the mmlocate operation  to  the  specified  volume  ID

       -l     Lists  entries.   Performs  a  database query using the supplied
              volume name, volume ID or location.

              If a volume name or volume id is given, then only  the  volume's
              location  information  is displayed.  If a location is provided,
              then only volumes in that location are displayed.  When  the  -l
              option  is  used  without  specifying  any other options (volume
              name, volume id, or location), volumes without  a  set  location
              are displayed.

       -u     Updates  the  location for a volume.  Locations are limited to a
              maximum length of 64 characters.  The -n volname or -i volid and
              location options must be used in conjunction with the -u option.


       Update the media database to show that volume  Offsite.011  is  now  at
       location 'Media Vault'
              mmlocate -u -n Offsite.011 'Media Vault'

       Delete volumes at location 'Media Shelf 6'
              mmlocate -d 'Media Shelf 6'

       Delete location information for volume NonFull.001
              mmlocate -c -n NonFull.001

       List the location of volume NonFull.001
              mmlocate -n NonFull.001

       List all volumes stored in the location 'Media Vault'
              mmlocate 'Media Vault'


       /nsr/mm/mmvolume         The media database.


       nsrmm(1), mminfo(1), nsr(1), nsrjb(1), recover(1) nsr_storage_node(5)


       Server server does not support remote update
              If  you  are running mmlocate against an old server, you are not
              allowed to use the -u or -c options.  You  must  login  to  that
              server and run the mmlocate program there.


Legato NetWorker 7.x

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