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(windows only)

mt - magnetic tape control


       mt [ -f tapename ] command... [ count ]


	The mt command is provided as a native utility under Unix.
	Unix users should refer to the operating system's native man page
	for the this command. Legato has ported the mt command to
	the Windows platforms in order to provide access to its functionality
	to our Windows customers. This man page describes the functionality
	of the mt command as provided with the 'NetWorker for Windows'


	mt sends commands to a magnetic tape drive. mt uses the
	device //./tape#. tapename refers to a raw tape device. By default,
	mt performs the requested operation once; multiple iterations
	can be performed by specifying count. If no tape drive is specified,
	mt defaults to //./tape0 explicitly.
	The available commands are listed below. Only as many characters as
	are required to uniquely identify a command need be specified.
	mt returns nothing when the operation(s) are successful, 
	USAGE: mt [-f tape] op [count] if the command was unrecognized
	or if mt was unable to open the specified tape drive, and
	operation [command] on [tapename] failed: incorrect function if an
	operation failed.


	-f tapename	Specify the raw tape device name.


	count	The number of times that the requested operation is to be performed.
	  	By default, mt performs command once; multiple iterations of
	  	command can be performed by specifying count.

	weof	Write count EOF marks at the current position on the tape.

	fsf	Forward space over count EOF marks. The tape is positioned on
	 	the first block of the file.
	fsr	Forward space count records.
	bsf	Back space over count EOF marks. The tape is positioned on the
	  	beginning-of-tape side of the EOF mark.
	bsr	Back space count records.

	For the following commands, count is ignored:
	eom	Space to the end of recorded media on the tape. This is useful for
	 	appending files onto previously written tapes.
	rewind	Rewind the tape.
	offline	Rewind the tape and, if appropriate, take the drive unit
	 	off-line by unloading the tape.
	status	Print status information about the tape unit.	
	erase	Erase the entire tape. Tape must be rewound to the beginning,
	 	otherwise erasure begins at the current location on the tape.	


	//./tape0 	magnetic tape interface
	... and so on.


	The UNIX mt(1) man page, if available.


	Not all devices support all options. Some options are hardware-dependent.
	Refer to the corresponding device manual page.


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