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nsr_license - NetWorker resource type 'NSR license'


       type: NSR license


       A resource of type NSR license is used to describe each feature enabled
       in your NetWorker installation.  See nsr_resource(5) for more  informa-
       tion  on  NetWorker  resources.   To  inspect the NSR license resources
              nsradmin -c "type:NSR license"
       or use the nwadmin(1) GUI.   NSR  license  resources  may  be  created,
       enabled  and authorized from the GUI, but the nsrcap(1) command must be
       used to update an existing license resource.  See nsradmin(1) for  more
       information on using the NetWorker administration program.


       The  following  attributes  are  defined for resource type NSR license.
       The information in parentheses describes how the attribute  values  are
       accessed.  Create-only indicates that the value cannot be changed by an
       administrator, except when the resource is created.   Read/write  means
       the  value  can  be  changed  at any time by authorized administrators.
       Read-only means the value cannot be changed by  authorized  administra-
       tors.   Static  attributes  change  values  rarely,  if  ever.  Dynamic
       attributes may change often.  Hidden means it is an attribute of inter-
       est  only to programs or experts, and these attributes can only be seen
       when the hidden option is turned on in nsradmin(1) or by selecting  the
       details  Menu  Item in the View Menu for the Server Registration window
       in nwadmin(1).  For example, an attribute marked (create-only,  static)
       has  a  value  which  is  set  when  the attribute is created and never
       changes.  Several additional attributes  (for  example,  administrator)
       are common to all resources, and are described in nsr_resource(5).

       name  (create-only, static)
              This attribute holds the name of the license resource.

       comment        (read/write)
              This  attribute  is  provided  for the administrator to keep any
              explanatory  remarks  or  supplementary  information  about  the

       enabler code  (create-only, static)
              This  code  is  identical to the code entered into the nsrcap(1)
              command to enable the  feature  named  in  this  resource.   The
              enabler  code  consists  of  18  hexidecimal  digits, printed in
              groups of 6 digits.
              Example: enabler code: 123456-123456-123456;

       host id  (read-only, dynamic)
              The unique host id associated  with  the  computer  or  licensed
              operating  system  on  which  the enabler has been loaded.  This
              value will often be an  8  digit  hexidecimal  number;  however,
              other  formats  are  possible,  depending  on  specific platform
              be  registered immediately.  If the enabler has been registered,
              and the auth code is filled in with a  valid  value,  the  value
              will be as shown in the example, below.
              Example: expiration date: Authorized - no expiration date;

       auth code  (read/write)
              An  8  digit  hexidecimal value used to permanently authorize an
              enabler.  The unique, valid authorization code for an enabler is
              obtained  from  Legato  by  registering  each  purchased license
              enabler.  Evaluation enablers cannot be permanently  authorized.
              If  the  server's  host id changes, all authorization codes will
              immediately be invalidated, and the enablers must  be  re-regis-
              tered with Legato to obtain new authorization codes.
              Example: auth code: abcdef00;

       license type  (create-only, hidden)
              A special code, used internally to describe the specific feature
              or features enabled by this license enabler.
              Example: license type: J16;

       checksum  (read/write, hidden)
              A coded checksum used to maintain consistency of a  NSR  license
              resource, and between license resources.


       Below  is  a  complete  NSR  license  resource  for  an authorized base

                   type:  NSR license;
                   name:  NetWorker Advanced/10;
           enabler code:  123456-123456-123456;
                host id:  7260d859;
        expiration date:  Authorized - no expiration date;
              auth code:  abcdef00;
           license type:  B10;
               checksum:  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx;


       /nsr/res/nsrdb - files in this directory should never be edited
       directly. Use nwadmin(1) instead.


       nsr_resource(5), nsr(1), nwadmin(1), nsradmin(1), nsrcap(1)


Legato NetWorker 7.x

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