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   - Windows Only


nsr_shutdown - stop a NetWorker server's processes


       nsr_shutdown [ -a ] [ -A ] [ -c ] [ -d ] [ -n ] [ -q ] [ -s ] [ -v ]


       nsr_shutdown  terminates  NetWorker  processes  on  a NetWorker server.
       This command is simpler than the procedure of using ps(1), grep(1), and


       -a     Terminates  all  daemons;  this is the same as using the -A, -d,
              and -s options.

       -A     Terminates any nsralist(1) processes.

       -c     Does  not  purge  the  savegrp(1m)  worklist  of   non-completed
              savesets during a nsr_shutdown.

       -d     This  is  the  default option; it terminates the server daemons.
              These may include nsrd(1), ansrd(1), nsrindexd(1),  nsrexecd(1),
              nsrib(1),   nsrmmd(1),   and   nsrmmdbd(1).   Since  savegrp(1),
              nsrexec(1), and nsralist(1) processes depend on the service dae-
              mons, they are also terminated.

       -n     Echoes the kill(1) command without actually invoking it.

       -q     Perform the shutdown quietly; don't prompt for confirmation.

       -s     Terminates any savegrp(1) (and nsrexec(1)) processes.

       -v     Verbose:  Instruct  the  shell to print commands and their argu-
              ments as they are executed.


       ansrd(1), nsralist(1), nsrd(1), nsrexec(1), nsrexecd(1),  nsrindexd(1),
       nsrmmd(1), nsrmmdbd(1), savegrp(1).


Legato NetWorker 7.x

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