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nsr_stage - NetWorker resource type 'NSR stage'


       type: NSR stage


       Each staging policy used by a NetWorker server is described by a single
       resource of type NSR stage.  See  nsr_resource(5)  for  information  on
       NetWorker resources.  To edit the NSR stage resources run:

              nsradmin -c "type:NSR stage"

       Be  careful  to include the space between 'NSR' and 'stage' and the
       surrounding quotes.  See nsradmin(1m) for information on using the Net-
       Worker administration program.


       The  following attributes are defined for resource type NSR stage.  The
       information in parentheses  describes  how  the  attribute  values  are
       accessed.   Read-only  indicates that the value cannot be changed by an
       administrator.  Read/write means the value can be set as well as  read.
       Hidden  means  it  is  an  attribute  of  interest  only to programs or
       experts, and these attributes can only be seen when the  hidden  option
       is  turned on in nsradmin(1m) or if the Details View option is selected
       in the Stage window in nwadmin(1m).  Static  attributes  change  values
       rarely,  if ever.  Dynamic attributes have values which change rapidly.
       For example, an attribute marked (read-only, static) has a value  which
       is  set when the attribute is created and may never change.  Additional
       attributes (for example, administrator) are common  to  all  resources,
       and are described in nsr_resource(5).

       name                        (read-only, single string)
              The name attribute specifies the staging policy name.

       comment                    (read/write)
              This  attribute  is  provided  for the administrator to keep any
              explanatory remarks or supplementary information about the stag-
              ing policy.

       enabled                     (read/write, choice)
              The  enabled  attribute  determines whether or not save sets are
              automatically staged from devices associated with  this  policy.
              It  also enables and disables the periodic  recover space opera-
              tions.  It may be one of two values: Yes, No

       high water mark (%)         (read/write)
              The point at which save sets should be staged, measured  as  the
              percentage  of  available space used on the file system. Staging
              will continue until the lower mark is reached.

              Example: high water mark (%): 90;

       low water mark (%)          (read/write)
              The point at which the staging process should stop, measured  as
              largest save set,
              smallest save set,
              oldest save set,
              youngest save set.

       destination pool             (read/write)
              The pool to which save sets should be sent (see nsr_pool(5)).

       devices                      (read/write, multiple choice)
              This attribute lists the file type  and  adv_file  type  devices
              (see  nsr_device(5))  associated  with this policy to be used as
              the source of staging.

       max storage period           (read/write)
              Specifies the maximum duration for a save set in a given  volume
              before it is staged to a different volume.

       max storage period unit      (read/write, choice, hidden)
              Specifies the unit for max storage period.  It may be one of two
              values: days, hours.

       recover space interval       (read/write, hidden)
              The interval between recover space  operations  for  recyclable,
              aborted  save  sets  and  save sets with no entries in the media
              database from file or adv_file devices.

       recover space unit           (read/write, choice, hidden)
              Specifies the unit for recover space interval.  It may be one of
              two values: hours, minutes.

       file system check interval   (read/write, hidden)
              The interval between file system check operations.  Stage opera-
              tion is invoked by NetWorker  server  every  file  system  check
              interval to determine whether the high water mark or max storage
              period has been reached to stage the data from the devices asso-
              ciated with the policy.

       file system check unit       (read/write, choice, hidden)
              Specifies  the  unit  for file system check interval.  It may be
              one of two values: hours, minutes.

       start now                    (read/write, choice)
              Updating this attribute will cause the selected operation to  be
              triggered  immediately  on all devices associated with this pol-
              icy. The attribute value will not  actually  change.   Operation
              can be one of the following:

              Check  file  system - check file system and stage data if neces-
              Recover space - recover space for save sets with no  entries  in
              the media database.
              Stage  all  save  sets  - stage all save sets to the destination


       Note:  the hidden options are not shown in the first example.

                            comment: ;
                            enabled: No   [Yes];
                high water mark (%): 90;
                 low water mark (%): 85;
                 save set selection: largest save set;
                   destination pool: Default Clone;
                            devices: /disk/fd0;
                 max storage period: 7;
                          start now: ;

       The following example shows a resource  that  defines  a  stage  policy
       called 'test stage2'.  Save sets will be staged from device '/disk/fd2'
       to pool 'Default' when the file system is 95% full or 14 days after the
       date  of the backup, whichever comes first.  The smallest save set will
       be the first to stage to the destination pool.  The file system will be
       checked every 3 hours and a staging operation will be triggered if nec-
       essary. A recover-space operation will be triggered every  8  hours  on
       all devices associated with the policy:

                               type: NSR stage;
                               name: test stage2;
                            comment: ;
                            enabled: No   [Yes];
                high water mark (%): 95;
                 low water mark (%): 80;
                 save set selection: smallest save set;
                   destination pool: Default;
                            devices: /disk/fd2;
                 max storage period: 14;
            max storage period unit: Hours   [Days];
             recover space interval: 8;
                 recover space unit: Minutes   [Hours];
         file system check interval: 3;
             file system check unit: Minutes   [Hours];
                          start now: ;
                      administrator: root@omni;
                           hostname: omni;


       nsr(5), nsr_device(5), nsrstage(1m), nsrclone(1m), nsradmin(1m), 


Legato NetWorker 7.x

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