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nsralist - NetWorker archive request executor


       nsralist -R archive request name


       The nsralist command is used to execute an archive request (see
       nsr_archive_request(5)).  The nsralist command  is run automatically by
       nsrd(1), as specified by each archive request resource.

       The nsralist command will set up an RPC connection to nsrexecd(1) to
       run nsrarchive(1) on the specified client.  If nsrexecd is unavailable,
       nsralist will fall back on using the rcmd(3) protocol and the client-
       side rshd(1).

       The nsralist monitors the execution of the archive command and stores
       any output in the log of the archive request.  The nsrarchive command
       running on the client updates the server with its progress, including
       whether or not optional verification and cloning operations have com-
       pleted successfully.  See nsrclone(1) for more information on cloning.


       -R archive request name
              This option specifies which archive request is supposed to be


              A lock file to keep multiple runs of the same archive list from
              running simultaneously.


       nsrarchive(1), nsrclone(1), nsrexecd(1), nsr_archive_request(5).


Legato NetWorker 7.x

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