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nsrcnct - maintains a connection with a media management service


       nsrcnct -s server -f device -l logical device


       Some  media  services,  such  as  SmartMedia  and AlphaStor, require an
       application to maintain a connection over which the media was requested
       until  the  media  is  no longer needed.  Because nsrjb exits after the
       media is mounted, but NetWorker may still need  to  access  the  media,
       nsrjb  will  create a nsrcnct process to maintain the connection.  Once
       the connection is closed, the media service may reclaim  the  resources
       used  and  unmount the media from the drive.  The nsrcnct process exits
       after the media is unmounted or when NetWorker is shut down.

       Normally nsrcnct is invoked internally by nsrjb and should  never  need
       to be started directly by a user.


       -s server
              Name  of  the  SmartMedia server where the volume mount or label
              operation is being performed.

       -f device
              The physical device to monitor.   device should match  the  name
              attribute  in  the  NSR  device  resource  list of the NetWorker
              server that initiated the volume operation.

       -l logical device
              The logical name of the device  to  monitor.     logical  device
              should  be  the  same value as the logical name attribute of the
              NSR device resource which has its name attribute matching the -f
              option's device argument.




Legato NetWorker 7.x

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