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nsrhsmls - list contents of a XDSM HSM configured directory


       nsrhsmls  [  -abim  ] [ -lv ] [ -R | -r  <level> ] [ -s  <NWserver> ] [
       <path> ]


       nsrhsmls is a NetWorker XDSM HSM-specific "ls" command to  display  the
       premigration  and  migration  status  of a file or directory, and other

       It works much like an "ls" command, but it will list HSM-related infor-
       mation.  For  example,  it will indicate whether or not a file has been
       premigrated and migrated, number of disk blocks currently being used by
       the file, the file size and full filename.

       If  none  of  the  display options ( -a, -b, -i, or -m ) are specified,
       nsrhsmls will display migration summary information for each file.  The
       migration summary output is as follows:

       The first character shows the migration status of the file:

              r   File is resident (it has not been migrated)
              m   File has been migrated
              -   Unable to determine file's migration status
              d   Is a directory
              x   Is not a file or a directory

       The second character shows the premigration status of the file:

              n   File has not been premigrated
              p   File has been premigrated

       The  next  entry  gives  the  number of disk blocks, including indirect
       blocks, currently being used by the file.

       The next entry gives the file size in bytes.


       -l     For the  migration  summary  display,  separates  the  displayed
              columns with "|".

       -v     Displays more detailed migration information.

       -R     Runs down all subdirectories in recursive manner.

       -r  <level>
              runs  down  the specified level of subdirectories in a recursive
              manner. Level 1, the default, works in  the  current  directory.
              Level  2 causes nsrhsmls to run down one level below the current
              directory, and so on.

       -s  <NWserver>
              Specifies which machine to use as the NetWorker server (hostname
              attribute  is used by NetWorker to find the data that was premi-
              grated.  The attributes used by NetWorker include: the NetWorker
              server,  the NetWorker client, save set, file system identifier,
              inode number, and a managed region map.

       -i     Prints the XDSM handle in hexadecimal format.  The handle infor-
              mation  contains  the  file system identifier, the inode number,
              and the inode generation of the file.

       -m     Prints the managed region map.  The managed region map indicates
              which  regions  of  a file have read, write, and truncate events
              enabled for HSM.


       To display migration status of files upto  three  levels  down  in  the
       /export/home/hsmfs   directory,   with   the   NetWorker  server  being
       "jupiter", you would enter the following command:

       nsrhsmls -r 4 -s jupiter /export/home/hsmfs


       ls(1), nsrpmig(1m), nsrmig(1m).


Legato NetWorker 7.x

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