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(windows only)

nsrlpr - submit print requests


       nsrlpr -P printername [ filename ...  ]


	The lpr command is provided as a native utility under UNIX. UNIX users
	should refer to the operating systems native man page for the this command.
	Legato has duplicated the base functionality of the lpr command on
	the Windows platforms as nsrlpr in order to provide access to its
	functionality to our Windows customers. This man page describes the
	functionality of the nsrlpr command as provided with the NetWorker
	for Windows distribution.



	The NetWorker Server Uses nsrlpr to Print Notifications. The NetWorker
	server looks at two sources to determine which printer to use for printing
	notifications with nsrlpr :
	- The printer named in the Printer attribute (hidden attributes must be enabled
	to see this attribute) in the Create Group dialog box and Edit Group dialog box.
	If a printer is named for a group, it sets the default printer for the bootstrap
	notification (see the following paragraph). This entry is ignored if a printer
	is named in the Action text box for a notification.
	- The printer named in the Action text box in the Create Notification dialog box.
	For the bootstrap notification, if you enter:

	nsrlpr -P %printer
	then the notification will be sent to the printer named in the Edit Group dialog
	box for a given group. For all notifications, you can designate a particular
	printer by entering:
	nsrlpr -P printer_name
	where printer_name is the name of the designated printer.
	If your printer name has spaces, like eng printer one, then enclose the printer
	name in double quotes, as shown here:
	nsrlpr -P "eng printer one"
	If your printer is associated with a particular server, as is the case with Microsoft
	LAN Manager printers, you can designate such a printer by entering:

	nsrlpr -P \\server_name\printer_name
	where server_name is the name of the server to which the printer is attached,
	and printer_name is the name of the printer to use.
	You can test the nsrlpr program with a printer name from the command
	line as follows:
	nsrlpr -P printer_name text_file
	where printer_name is the name of the printer to use and text_file is the name
	of a text file you want to try printing.

	If you receive the following error message:

	Error: print server did not accept
	then your printer name is incorrect. Correct the printer name and try to print
	again. Once you can print from the command line, change the Notification Action
	field to the print command, as follows:
	nsrlpr -P printer_name

	Important: Print jobs sent by the NetWorker Backup and Recover Server
	service run in the Local System context and under certain circumstances may
	not have access to network print queues. For more information, refer to Microsoft
	Knowledge Base Q132679 and Q143138.


	-P	printername Specify the name of the printer.


	filename	Specify the name of the file to be printed.


	The UNIX lpr man page, if available.


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