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nsrls - list statistics of NetWorker index files


       nsrls [ { clientname ...  | -m } ]


       When  nsrls  is used without any specified options being specified, the
       number of records in an online index and the usage of the online  index
       with  respect to the number of kilobytes allocated to its UNIX files is
       printed.  Administrators can use this command  to  establish  how  many
       files have been saved by a client.


       When  invoked  with the -m option, nsrls prints the information for the
       media database.  The media database has the following  four  statistics
       associated  with  it:  an  internal file ID (Fid), the size of the file
       (Size), the number of logical  records  in  the  file  (Count),  and  a
       descriptive name for the internal file (Name).

       The internal files are interpreted as follows:

       saveset files
              These  are the internal record files which store the actual data
              (for example, ss).

       volume files
              These are the internal record files which store the volumes (for
              example, vol).

       index files
              These  internal  b-tree  index files hold the index records used
              for optimizing media database queries.  The names of these files
              contain the extension "_i*" (for example, ss_i0 and vol_i1).

       temporary files
              These  files (beginning with the filename "temp_*") contain tem-
              porary records used during sorting.  Temporary files are present
              only while a database is currently being modified.

       The  number,  name,  function, and interpretation of the internal files
       can change at any time.

       An empty argument list prints the statistics for all known clients.


              % nsrls -m

              Database id 0: /nsr/mm/mmvolume
               Fid |      Size |     Count | Name
                 0 |     16 KB |         6 | vol
                 1 |    136 KB |       484 | ss
                 2 |     16 KB |         6 | vol_i0
                 3 |     16 KB |         5 | vol_i1

              % nsrls jupiter

              /space2/nsr/index/jupiter: 292170 records requiring 50 MB
              /space2/nsr/index/jupiter is currently 100% utilized



       nsr_layout(5), nsrindexd(1)


       ... is not a registered client
              The client named is not a valid NetWorker client.


Legato NetWorker 7.x

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