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nsrmig - migrate files for long-term storage with NetWorker HSM


       nsrmig  [  -aMnvx  ]  [ -l percent ] [ -s server ] [ -t savetime ] [ -W
       width ] [ path ]


       nsrmig migrates files to the NetWorker server.  Migration means replac-
       ing  a  file  with a "stub" that points to a copy of the file made from
       premigration.  If the stub is accessed at some later time, the file  is
       automatically recalled to disk by the NetWorker server.

       Criteria  specified in the NetWorker migration client resource are used
       to select files for migration.  Currently, only regular files are prem-
       igrated and migrated.

       If  no  path  argument is specified, the current directory is migrated.
       nsrmig does not cross mount points, nor does it follow symbolic  links.


       -a     Sort  files  by  access  time.   Valid for XDSM HSM only.  Files
              selected for migration are sorted by access  time  before  being
              replaced by stubs.  Files that have been least recently accessed
              will be migrated first.

       -M     Use NetWorker's migration index to find lists of files that have
              been premigrated.  Valid for XDSM HSM only.  Without this option
              nsrmig walks the directory specified searching  for  files  that
              are  eligible for premigration.  Using the index might be faster
              finding the files that have be premigrated  recently,  but  will
              not  find  files  that  have  been recovered since premigration.
              Symbolic link HSM always uses the migration index.

       -l  percent
              Specify a goal percentage for nsrmig.  Migration stops when  the
              goal  percentage  is reached.  If the goal percentage is already
              reached when nsrmig is run, then  nsrmig  will  do  nothing  and
              exit.  If the -l option is not specified, then the goal percent-
              age is read from the appropriate migration client resource.

       -n     Indicates no stub replacement.  Estimates the  total  number  of
              files  and the total size that is freed by stub replacement, but
              does not actually replace qualified files with stubs.

       -s server
              Uses the NetWorker server named server.

       -t savetime
              Migrates files that were premigrated at savetime.

       -v     Verbose.  Causes the nsrmig program to tell you in  detail  what
              it is doing as it proceeds.  If you specify multiple -v options,
              then the verbosity level increases.

        0     Normal exit.
       -1     Abnormal exit.


       nsr_getdate(3), hosts(5), nsr(5), nsr(1), nsr_client(5), nsr_device(5),
       nsr_group(5), nsr_service(5), nsrd(1), nsrhsmck(1), nsrindexd(1), 
       nsrpmig(1), nsrmm(1), nsrmmd(1), nsrwatch(1), savefs(1), savegrp(1)


Legato NetWorker 7.x

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