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pathownerignore - ignore path-ownership rules during scheduled saves




       In  a  clustered  environment,  the NetWorker software must distinguish
       between filesystems associated with the physical client, and those that
       are  managed by a resource group (a virtual client). These criteria are
       referred to as the path-ownership rules. These  rules  determine  which
       client index a save set is written to.

       If  a  filesystem  owned by a virtual client is defined in the save set
       list for a physical client resource, by default the filesystem will not
       be backed up during a scheduled save. The same is true for a filesystem
       owned by a physical client defined in the save set list for  a  virtual
       client  resource. In both cases, the filesystem is omitted. This occurs
       because the  NetWorker  software  views  the  client  (which  owns  the
       filesystem)  as  not having matched the client of the current scheduled

       To check the NetWorker path-ownership rule:

       1. Run the following command on the NetWorker server:
              #  savegrp -p -c client_name

       2. Review which filesystems are owned by client_name. This procedure is
       part  of  the  normal cluster installation setup. For detailed instruc-
       tions, refer to the appropriate Legato NetWorker Installation Guide.

       To test for the existence of misappropriated  save  sets,  run  a  test
       probe  with the verbose option set. The command output will warn you to
       which client indexes a save set will be saved. For example:
              # savegrp -pv -c client_name group_name

       To ignore NetWorker default path-ownership rules, you  can  create  the
       <nsr_bin>/pathownerignore file. This file causes the NetWorker software
       to back up the filesystem in question; however, the filesystem will  be
       saved   under   the   index   of   its   correct  owner.  Creating  the
       <nsr_bin>/pathownerignore file is not  recommended,  but  it  might  be
       required  under  special  circumstances.  The <nsr_bin>/pathownerignore
       file does not override the default path-ownership rules. It causes  the
       path-ownership  rules  to  be  ignored when determining if a filesystem
       should be backed up during a scheduled save.


       save(1), savegrp(1), savefs(1)


       To override the path-ownership rules and have a save set written to  an
       index  other  than  its  default  owner,  one  must  use  the  "save -c
       client_name " command. Refer to save (1) for more information.


Legato NetWorker 7.x

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