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sjimm - test the SJI Jukebox Interface SJIMM command


       sjimm  jukebox [ drive | slot | inlt | mt ] src [ drive | slot | inlt |
       mt ] dst


       The sjimm program tests the SJIMM command on  SJI  compliant  Jukeboxes
       (see libsji(1)).  This command tests the ability to move media around a

       The jukebox argument should be any control port that  can  be  used  to
       reach a SJI compliant Jukebox driven by the system. Typical usage is in
       constructing the name that contains the SCSI Bus, the  SCSI  Target  ID
       and the SCSI Lun on that target, e.g., scsidev@0.4.0.

       The   third  and  fifth  arguments  should  be  one  from  the  set  of
       drive,slot,inlt or mt (respectively for Drive  Elements,  Storage  Ele-
       ments, Inlet/Outlet elements and Media Transport elements). The dst and
       src arguments are the SJI ordinal addresses  for  that  type  of  named
       device (see sjirdp(1)).

       A typical example would be

                 sjimm scsidev@0.4.0 slot 4 drive 1

       which  moves a piece of media from the fourth storage element (slot) to
       the first drive.


       You should note that sjimm does not have any programmatic connection to
       the Media elements in a Jukebox.  This means that if you want to move a
       piece of media from a drive element, unless the Jukebox  has  Autoeject
       capabilities,  you  will  have  use other, platform dependent, means to
       eject the media from a drive so that it can be moved by the Jukebox.




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