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tur - test unit ready


       tur [ -a b.t.l ] [ -l ]


       The tur program will send a TEST UNIT READY command to all SCSI devices
       attached to the system.

       -a b.t.l
              Selects a specific ordinal SCSI address, where b is the  logical
              SCSI  bus,  t is the SCSI target, and l is the SCSI logical unit
              number (LUN) on that target. See libscsi(1).

       -l     Performs a complete LUN search for all SCSI adapters in the sys-
              tem.   This  argument  is  accepted on all systems, but does not
              have any effect on HP-UX systems. Due to the method used to scan
              for  available  devices on HP-UX systems, all accessible devices
              are always shown, and the -l option has  no  additional  effect.
              On all other systems, checking starts at LUN 0 for SCSI devices.
              The first empty LUN found will end the search for a given target
              ID.  With  the -l option, all LUNS present on all target IDs for
              all SCSI busses in the system will be checked for devices.  This
              can take a very long time and should therefore be used only when
              necessary. For example, a Fibre Channel adapter can support  126
              target IDs, each of which may have 80 or more LUNs. Checking all
              LUNs on this single adapter may take over 10 minutes.




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