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     hesiod.conf -- configuration file for the Hesiod library


     The file hesiod.conf determines the behavior of the Hesiod library.
     Blank lines and lines beginning with a `#' character are ignored.	All
     other lines should be of the form variable = value, where the value
     should be a single word.  Possible variables and values are:

     lhs      Specifies the domain prefix used for Hesiod queries.  In almost
	      all cases, you should specify ``lhs=.ns''.  The default value if
	      you do not specify an lhs value is no domain prefix, which is
	      not compatible with most Hesiod domains.

     rhs      Specifies the default Hesiod domain; this value may be overrid-
	      den by the HES_DOMAIN environment variable.  You must specify an
	      rhs line for the Hesiod library to work properly.

     classes  Specifies which DNS classes Hesiod should do lookups in.	Possi-
	      ble values are IN (the preferred class) and HS (the deprecated
	      class, still used by some sites).  You may specify both classes
	      separated by a comma to try one class first and then the other
	      if no entry is available in the first class.  The default value
	      of the classes variable is ``IN,HS''.




     The default value for lhs should probably be more reasonable.

FreeBSD 5.4		       November 30, 1996		   FreeBSD 5.4


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