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Enables or disables a VOB's interop text mode support


ProductCommand type
ClearCase LTcommand



msdostext_mode [ –c | –d | –r ] [ –f ] vob-stg-pname


Before a VOB can be accessed from an interop text-mode view, the VOB must be enabled for interop text mode support. The msdostext_mode utility enables or disables the ability of a VOB to support interop text mode views. This utility does not physically convert or modify files in any way; rather, it affects the information recorded for text file versions in the VOB database. For more information about interop text mode, see the Administrator's Guide.



You must have one of the following identities:

  • VOB owner
  • root (UNIX)
  • Member of the ClearCase administrators group (ClearCase on Windows)
  • Local administrator of the ClearCase LT server host (ClearCase LT on Windows)


An error occurs if one or more of these objects are locked: VOB.


(Replicated VOBs only) No mastership restrictions.


With no options, msdostext_mode does the following:

  1. Directs the VOB to store line counts in the VOB database for all versions of all elements of type text_file and compressed_text_file (and any element types derived from these).
  2. Enables interop text mode support, so that line counts can be recorded for newly created versions.
Converts the VOB but does not enable interop text mode support. Running msdostext_mode periodically (as a cron or at job, for example) with –c enabled offers a small performance advantage over having the VOB continually track file sizes for all new versions. The disadvantage is that recorded file sizes become increasingly inaccurate as new versions are checked in between invocations of msdostext_mode –c. For this reason, we do not recommend this use of the utility.

Do not use this option for the initial conversion of a VOB. This option is intended to allow for conversions of a replicated VOB subsequent to its initial conversion so that any elements replayed from a VOB that is not enabled for interop text mode support can get line counts.

Disables interop text mode support.

Resets the line counters for elements of type text_file that have been changed to a binary type. Generally speaking, chtype resets the line counter when it changes a text element type to a binary type, but in some circumstances—for example, with VOBs created under older releases of ClearCase—it is necessary to use this option to reset the counter

Forces a recalculation of the line count of all VOB objects of type text_file. Sometimes the stored line count and actual line count of a text element can diverge. Symptoms include truncated files and snapshot view update failures. Use this option to fix such problems.

Storage directory pathname of the VOB.


chtype, mkview, update, Administrator's Guide



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