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Check registry files for inconsistencies


ProductCommand type
ClearCase LTcommand



  • ClearCase:
    rgy_check { –vie·ws | –vob·s } ... [ –reg·ion region ] [ –sto·rage ]

  • ClearCase LT:
    rgy_check { –vie·ws | –vob·s } ... [ –hst·orage ]


The rgy_check command examines the contents of ClearCase or ClearCase LT VOB and/or view registries, and reports any errors or inconsistencies.

Registry problems have various causes:

  • Editing registry entries with editors such as emacs or Notepad.
  • Improper administration procedures; for example, removing a VOB with an operating system command rather than with rmvob
  • Faulty upgrade procedures; for example, migrating a VOB to a new release that introduces a database schema change without reformatting the VOB (using reformatvob)
  • Defects in older releases of ClearCase or ClearCase LT

If rgy_check finds errors or inconsistencies, it displays a line like the following at the end of its output:

Error: 21 total registry errors/inconsistencies detected.

For each problematic registry entry, rgy_check displays the registry entry and a warning or error message.

General Problems

rgy_check reports the following general problems:

  • Duplicate entries in the registry
  • Malformed entries in the registry

Registration Anomalies

rgy_check reports the following VOB or view registration anomalies:

  • Objects with no UUID
  • Two objects with same UUID
  • Objects with no host name
  • Objects with no local (server) pathname
  • Two objects pointing to same host-local-path
  • Tags with no UUIDs
  • Tags with UUIDs that do not match any object (stranded tag)
  • Tag registry entries with no tag

Region-Related Problems

Region-related problems are more likely to occur ClearCase than in ClearCase LT because ClearCase installations are not restricted to a single region. However, in either case, rgy_check may report these problems:

  • Objects with no associated tags in any region (stranded object)
  • Tags in regions that are not in the region registry
  • Tags with no global pathname
  • Two tags in one region pointing to same object UUID
  • Duplicate tags in the same region
  • Tags in one region with duplicate global pathnames

Storage-Related Problems

In ClearCase, if you specify the –storage option, rgy_check also reports these problems:

  • View tags that point to global paths with missing or incorrect .view files:
    • Missing .view file (usually a missing view)
    • .view file with invalid contents
    • .view file that contains an incorrect view UUID (that is, the UUID points to wrong view)
  • VOB tags that point to global paths with missing or incorrect replica_uuid files:
    • Missing replica_uuid file (usually a missing VOB)
    • replica_uuid file with invalid contents
    • replica_uuid file with an incorrect UUID (that is, the UUID points to wrong VOB)

In ClearCase LT, if you specify the –storage option, rgy_check reports the same kinds of problems that ClearCase reports when you use –storage, except that view and VOB objects (rather than tags) are checked.




Specifying the Kind of Registry Entries to Display


Checks the contents of the view tag and/or view object registries.

Checks the contents of the VOB tag and/or VOB object registries.

Specifying the Region

All regions.

–reg·ion region
Specifies the network region for which registry entries are to be checked.

Checking Storage


Checks for the existence of registered VOB and/or view storage directories. Given a storage directory's existence, rgy_check looks for basic storage configuration problems as well. Typically, registered storage pathnames for multiple network regions are not accessible from a single host. It is common practice to use –region to confine storage checks to the current host's network region.

Checks for the existence of registered VOB and/or view storage directories on the ClearCase LT server host. Given a storage directory's existence, rgy_check looks for basic storage configuration problems as well. You must run rgy_check at the ClearCase LT server host when you use this option.


  • Check the VOB registry for errors and anomalies.

    rgy_check -vobs 
    No registry errors/inconsistencies detected.

  • Check VOB and view registries in the devel region (which includes the local host). Include storage directory checks. In this example, rgy_check finds a tutorial VOB from which the user has removed the VOB's replica_uuid information.

    rgy_check -vobs -views -region devel -storage 
    rgy_check: Error: The VOB storage at \\io\alh\ccasetut\tut.vbs has
    no replica_uuid file.
    This tag:
    -tag = "\alh_IO_hw"
    -global_path = "\\io\alh\ccasetut\tut.vbs"
    -hostname = "io"
    -mount_access = "private"
    -mount_options = ""
    -region = "devel"
    -vob_replica = "7d7031db.6dfb11cf.a398.00:80:c8:81:fa:e0"

    rgy_check: Error: 1 total registry errors/inconsistencies detected.


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