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Sets or unsets site-wide properties in the site config registry


ProductCommand type
ClearCasecleartool subcommand
ClearCase LTcleartool subcommand



  • Set a site-wide property:
    setsite [ –pas·sword registry-password ] property-name=value ...

  • Unset a property:
    setsite [ –pas·sword registry-password ] property-name= ...


The site config registry contains site-wide properties for ClearCase and ClearCase LT. ClearCase and ClearCase LT use the value for a site-wide property when you perform an operation that uses that property without specifying the property's value. For example, when you create a view and do not specify one of the shareable DOs options, ClearCase uses the site-wide value.

If you do not set a site-wide property in the registry or if you unset a property, the property's default value is used. To list the properties that you can set and their default values, use the lssite –inquire command.

You can set the following properties in the registry:

view_cache_size=value When a view_server process is started and cannot find a cache size associated with the view or the view host, it uses the value of view_cache_size.

value must be an integer value of bytes.

view_interop_text_mode=value When a user creates a view through the Windows GUI and does not specify the text mode, the value of view_interop_text_mode is used.

value must be TRUE (equivalent to –tmode insert_cr) or FALSE (equivalent to –tmode transparent).

The value set for this property does not affect views created either on UNIX machines or by using the MS-DOS command line.

view_shareable_dos=value When a user creates a view and does not specify one of the options –nshareable_dos or –shareable_dos, ClearCase uses the value of view_shareable_dos.

value must be either TRUE or FALSE.

Note: Changing the site-wide property for shareable DOs does not change the property for existing views. To change an existing view's property, use the chview command.

rfm_gui_visibility=value (ClearCase on Windows only; for use only if your site uses MultiSite) This property controls the display of request for mastership features in the graphical interface. If value is FALSE, the Request Mastership command does not appear on shortcut menus in the Version Tree Browser, the Merge Manager, or the Find Checkouts window, and you cannot use the Properties Browser to request mastership. If value is TRUE, these features appear in the graphical interface.
checkin_preserve_time=valueSets the default behavior for preserving the modification time of a file being checked in through a GUI. If value is TRUE, the default for GUI checkin operations is to preserve the file modification time; if FALSE, the default is to use the time of the checkin operation itself (see the description of –ptime in the checkin reference page). Note that this setting is ignored by the checkin command.
checkout_preserve_time=valueSets the default behavior for preserving the modification time of a file being checked out through a GUI. If value is TRUE, the default for GUI checkout operations is to preserve the file modification time; if FALSE, the default is to use the time of the checkout operation itself. (See the description of –ptime in the checkout reference page.) Note that this setting is ignored by the checkout command.




Specifying the Registry Password

setsite prompts you for the registry password.

–pas·sword registry-password
Specifies the site-wide registry password.

Setting a Property's Value


Sets property-name in the registry.

Unsets property-name in the registry.


The UNIX examples in this section are written for use in csh. If you use another shell, you may need to use different quoting and escaping conventions.

The Windows examples that include wildcards or quoting are written for use in cleartool interactive mode. If you use cleartool single-command mode, you may need to change the wildcards and quoting to make your command interpreter process the command appropriately.

In cleartool single-command mode, cmd-context represents the UNIX shell or Windows command interpreter prompt, followed by the cleartool command. In cleartool interactive mode, cmd-context represents the interactive cleartool prompt.

  • Set the site-wide view cache size to 2 MB.

    cmd-context setsite –password p5d82xy9 view_cache_size=2m 
    Set site-wide default view_cache_size=2m.

  • Set the site-wide view cache size to 4 MB, and set the site-wide value for DOs to nonshareable.

    cmd-context setsite view_cache_size=4m view_shareable_dos=FALSE 
    Registry password: p5d82xy9 
    Set site-wide default view_cache_size=4m.
    Set site-wide default view_shareable_dos=FALSE.

  • Unset the site-wide value for shareable DOs.

    cmd-context setsite –password 9yx28d5p view_shareable_dos= 
    Unset site-wide default view_shareable_dos (was 'FALSE')


lssite, setcache, Administrator's Guide



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