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       install-info - update info/dir entries


       install-info [OPTION]... [INFO-FILE [DIR-FILE]]


       Install or delete dir entries from INFO-FILE in the Info directory file


	      delete existing  entries	for  INFO-FILE	from  DIR-FILE;  don't
	      insert any new entries.

	      specify file name of Info directory file.  This is equivalent to
	      using the DIR-FILE argument.

	      insert TEXT as an Info directory entry.  TEXT  should  have  the
	      form  of	an  Info  menu item line plus zero or more extra lines
	      starting with whitespace.  If you specify more than  one	entry,
	      they  are all added.  If you don't specify any entries, they are
	      determined from information in the Info file itself.

       --help display this help and exit.

	      specify Info file to install in the directory.  This is  equiva-
	      lent to using the INFO-FILE argument.

	      same as --dir-file=DIR/dir.

	      same  as	--entry  TEXT.	 An Info directory entry is actually a
	      menu item.

	      suppress warnings.

	      same as --delete.

	      put this file's entries in section SEC of the directory.	If you
	      specify more than one section, all the entries are added in each
	      of the sections.	If you don't specify any  sections,  they  are
	      determined from information in the Info file itself.

	      display version information and exit.


       the files named COPYING.


       The full documentation for install-info is maintained as a Texinfo man-
       ual.   If  the info and install-info programs are properly installed at
       your site, the command

	      info install-info

       should give you access to the complete manual.

install-info 4.6		   June 2003		       INSTALL-INFO(1)


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