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     ldd -- list dynamic object dependencies


     ldd [-a] [-v] [-f format] program ...


     The ldd utility displays all shared objects that are needed to run the
     given program or to load the given shared object.	Contrary to nm(1), the
     list includes ``indirect'' dependencies that are the result of needed
     shared objects which themselves depend on yet other shared objects.

     Zero, one or two -f options may be given.	The argument is a format
     string passed to rtld(1) and allows customization of ldd's output.  See
     rtld(1) for a list of recognized conversion characters.

     The -a option displays the list of all objects that are needed by each
     loaded object.  This option does not work with a.out(5) binaries.

     The -v option displays a verbose listing of the dynamic linking headers
     encoded in the executable.  See the source code and include files for the
     definitive meaning of all the fields.


     ld(1), nm(1), rtld(1)


     A ldd utility first appeared in SunOS 4.0, it appeared in its current
     form in FreeBSD 1.1.

     The -v support is based on code written by John Polstra <jdp@polstra.com>

FreeBSD 5.4		       October 22, 1993 		   FreeBSD 5.4


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