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     tcopy -- copy and/or verify mag tapes


     tcopy [-cvx] [-s maxblk] [src [dest]]


     The tcopy utility is designed to copy magnetic tapes.  The only assump-
     tion made about the tape is that there are two tape marks at the end.
     The tcopy utility with only a source tape (/dev/sa0 by default) specified
     will print information about the sizes of records and tape files.	If a
     destination is specified a copy will be made of the source tape.  The
     blocking on the destination tape will be identical to that used on the
     source tape.  Copying a tape will yield the same output as if just print-
     ing the sizes.


     -c        Copy src to dest and then verify that the two tapes are identi-

     -s maxblk
	       Specify a maximum block size, maxblk.

     -v        Given the two tapes, src and dest verify that they are identi-

     -x        Output all informational messages to the standard error.  This
	       option is useful when dest is /dev/stdout.




     The tcopy command appeared in 4.3BSD.


     Writing an image of a tape to a file does not preserve much more than the
     raw data.	Block size(s) and tape EOF marks are lost which would other-
     wise be preserved in a tape-to-tape copy.

     EOD is determined by two sequential EOF marks with no data between.
     There are old systems which typically wrote three EOF's between tape
     files.  The tcopy utility will erroneously stop copying early in this

     When using the copy/verify option -c tcopy does not rewind the tapes
     prior to start.  A rewind is performed after writing prior to the verifi-
     cation stage.  If one doesn't start at BOT then the comparison may not be
     of the intended data.

FreeBSD 5.4			April 17, 1994			   FreeBSD 5.4


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