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     startslip -- dial up and login to a slip server


     startslip [-d] [-b speed] [-s string1 [-s string2 [...]]] [-h] [-l] [-L]
	       [-A annexname] [-U upscript] [-D downscript]
	       [-t script_timeout] [-W maxtries] [-w retry_pause]
	       [-K keepalive] [-O outfill] [-S unit] device user password


     The startslip utility opens the specified device.	Once carrier is
     asserted (if modem control is enabled) startslip attempts to login as the
     specified user with the given password.  Standard login: & Password:
     scheme assumed unless Annex option specified (see -A).  If successful, it
     puts the device into the slip line discipline, calls upscript and goes to
     wait mode.  If carrier drops (modem control enabled) or a SIGHUP is sent
     to startslip, it closes the device, calls downscript and attempts to
     repeat the dialup and login sequence.  If a SIGTERM is send to startslip,
     it closes the device, calls downscript and exits.	When startslip called
     twice on the same device, previous copy killed by a SIGTERM before any

     The following options are available:

     -d      Print out debugging information.

     -b speed
	     Determine the baud rate used for device, default value is 9600.

     -t script_timeout
	     Set login script timeout in seconds, default value is 90.

     -w retry_pause
	     Set connecting retry pause in seconds (increased from one retry
	     to another), default value is 60.

     -W maxtries
	     Set maximum number of connection retries for one session, default
	     value is 6.  Value 0 means infinite count.

     -s stringN
	     The optional stringN is written to device.  Return character is
	     added automatically.  For a dialup modem, the string is used to
	     specify a dial sequence.  No string written by default.  You can
	     specify several -s stringN arguments to use with each try, f.e.
	     several host phone numbers.

     -A annexname
	     The startslip utility assumes it is connecting to a Xylogics
	     Annex box and engages in an appropriate dialog using the user and
	     password arguments.  The annexname argument is a string that is
	     used to match against the Annex prompt to determine when a con-
	     nection has been established.

     -h      Use hardware (CTS/RTS) flow control for device.  Default value is
	     no flow control.

	     -s) passed via LINE environment variable.

     -D downscript
	     Specify a script to run when a SLIP connection goes away.	The
	     arguments that are passed to the script are "slX down".  Default
	     value is /sbin/ifconfig.  Dial sequence number (see -s) passed
	     via LINE environment variable.

     -K keepalive
	     Set SLIP "keep alive" timeout in seconds.	If FRAME_END not
	     received during this time period, a reconnect will occur.	Active
	     "out fill" timeout expected from other side.  Default value is no

     -O outfill
	     Set SLIP "out fill" timeout in seconds.  It causes at least one
	     FRAME_END to be sent during this timeout.	Needed for "keep
	     alive" timeout on other side.  Default value is no timeout.

     -S unit
	     Set SLIP unit number directly.  Use with caution, no check for
	     two interfaces with same number made.  Default is dynamic assign-

     -L      Use uucp-style device locking.  You need it unless you start
	     startslip from external program which already does uucp locking.
	     Default case is no uucp locking to satisfy such programs.


     /var/run/startslip.<device>.pid  pid stored here


     uustat(1), slattach(8), sliplogin(8)


     The startslip appeared in 4.4BSD.

FreeBSD 5.4			 June 5, 1993			   FreeBSD 5.4


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