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cdi_fsf - issue a forward space file SCSI command to a tape device


       cdi_fsf -f device -n count [ -v ] [ -t { s | t | g | n | m | i } ]


       The cdi_fsf program issues a forward space file (fsf) SCSI command to a
       tape device.  The cdi_fsf program also returns the status of the  named
       SCSI device (specified by the -f option).


       -f     device
            Specifies  the  device  to  send  the fsf SCSI command to.  The -f
            option is a required option.

       -n     count
            The file count for the fsf SCSI command.


       -t     Use the -t option to specify the method of tape functions to use
              to  issue  the fsf SCSI command.  If the -t option is not speci-
              fied, the default method is to  use  the  OS  tape  driver  SCSI
              passthrough  functions.   Please refer to the libcdi (1) manpage
              for the complete list of access methods currently  supported  by
              the cdi_fsf program.

       -v     Run the program in verbose mode.  This option will print out the
              version number of the CDI library used by the program.


       Sample output including drive status information:

     % cdi_fsf -f /dev/rmt/2cbn -n 2

     CDI_FSF 2 successful.
      elapsed time for command was 0 seconds
      cdi_info.drivestat is:
        status = 0, DRIVE_STATUS_READY
        msg = The tape drive is ready for use




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