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nsr_ize - NetWorker installation and removal


       nsr_ize [ -i | -r | -u ] [ -c | -t | -l | -s ] [ -kmnqxv ]


       nsr_ize  is  an  interactive program that installs or removes NetWorker
       software and files to or from a machine.  In either case, the  user  is
       prompted  with  a  series  of  questions.   Most questions also provide
       default answers that produce the desired results in a standard environ-

       Since this command installs all NetWorker software in one directory per
       machine architecture (the default is /usr/bin), one should plan for the
       NetWorker  client  software  to  consume  13  Mbytes  of disk space per
       machine architecture installed.  The NetWorker server software requires
       an additional 8 Mbytes per machine architecture.

       The  NetWorker  server also requires disk space for its on-line indexes
       of all files saved by the  NetWorker  clients.  On  the  average,  each
       instance  of a file saved to the NetWorker server requires 200 bytes of
       disk space.  Generally, 2% - 5% of the total amount of data  backed  up
       has to be allocated to the online index.

       The  script modifies many administrative files, including /etc/rpc.  If
       YP is being used, then the administrator should consider modifying  the
       YP  master's  /etc/rpc  file  with  the same modifications that nsr_ize
       makes to the local copy.

       When invoked with no options, this command makes an  intelligent  guess
       as  to  whether  the user is installing or removing NetWorker software,
       and confirms its guess with the user.  If the -s , -t , -l or -c  flags
       are  not specified when installing, nsr_ize will prompt and ask whether
       the machine being installed is going to be a NetWorker server.


       -c     Performs NetWorker client side-only operations.

       -i     Installs the NetWorker software and associated files.

       -k     Kills daemons if running, without confirming.

       -l     Performs NetWorker license management-only operations.

       -m     Does not remove or install man pages.

       -n     Does not perform any actions that actually change  the  filesys-
              tem, just print what would be done if an installation or removal
              took place.

       -q     Quiet.  Does not print as many reassuring  messages  as  in  the
              normal case.

       -r     Removes the NetWorker software and associated files.
       -v     Sets verbose mode.

       -x     Sets debugging flag.


       /nsr   This symbolic link is created by  nsr_ize  when  installing  the
              NetWorker server; it points to the directory where the NetWorker
              server keeps  the  on-line  indexes  of  clients'  saved  files.
              Alternatively, /nsr may be a directory that exists before invok-
              ing this command.


       NetWorker Installation Guide UNIX Version


Legato NetWorker 7.x

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