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cdi_space - provides a variety of tape positioning functions.


       cdi_space -f  device -T { b | f | sf | eod | sm | ssm } -n count [ -v ]
                 [ -t {s | t | g | n | m | i} ]


       The cdi_space program provides a variety of tape positioning operations
       to the user.  The cdi_space program accepts block, filemark, setmark as
       valid tape positioning units.  The cdi_space program also  returns  the
       status of the named SCSI device (specified by the -f option).


       -f     device
            Specifies the device to perform the tape positioning operation on.

       -n     count
            The unit count for the space SCSI command.  If a  count  of  0  is
            specified,  there  will be no change in the tape position.  If the
            count value is greater than 0, the tape positioning will be in the
            forward direction.  A negative value for the count flag will cause
            the tape positioning to move backwards.  This flag and  its  value
            are  ignored  if  the  tape  positioning unit type is eod (end-of-


       -T     { b | f | sf | eod | sm | ssm }
              Specify the type of space positioning unit to use.  Valid  types
              of units are:

              SYMBOL   UNIT TYPE
              b        block
              f        filemark
              sf       sequential filemark
              eod      end-of-data
              sm       setmark
              ssm      sequential setmark

              The default type is block.

       -t     Use the -t option to specify the method of tape functions to use
              to issue the space SCSI command.  If the -t option is not speci-
              fied,  the  default  method  is  to  use the OS tape driver SCSI
              passthrough functions.  Please refer to the libcdi  (1)  manpage
              for  the  complete list of access methods currently supported by
              the cdi_space program.

       -v     Run the program in verbose mode.  This option will print out the
              version number of the CDI library used by the program.


       Sample output including drive status information:




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