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pstclntsave - Child process of preclntsave to run post-processing com- mands for NetWorker savepnpc.


       pstclntsave -s server -c client -g group [-p pollinterval] [-t timeout]
       [-D debuglevel]


       The  pstclntsave  process  checks the STATUS and WORKLIST attributes of
       the GROUP resource from the server every number of seconds specified in
       the poll interval to see if the group is running and if client is still
       included in the WORKLIST.  Whenever  pstclntsave  is  aborted,  or  the
       time_out condition occurs, or the group's STATUS is not running, or the
       client is no longer in  the  WORKLIST  (whichever  comes  first),  pst-
       clntsave   performs  all  the  post-processing  commands  specified  in
       /nsr/res/group.res file, unlinks /nsr/tmp/group.tmp, then  records  the
       results (success or failure) in the /nsr/logs/savepnpc.log file.

       Note:  This  is  to  be invoked by preclntsave program only.  It is not
       meant for users to use.


       -s server
              Specifies the controlling server.

       -c client
              The name of the client where the pre-processing commands will be
              performed on.

       -g group
              Specifies the group name that is being run.

       -p pollinterval
              Specifies how often (in seconds) to poll the server.

       -t timeout
              The  timeout  condition  in nsr_getdate() format string to start
              the post-processing commands.  This can also be specified in the
              /nsr/res/group.res file.

       -D debuglevel
              For debugging purpose, the debug level could be 1, 2 or 3.


              This  file  must  exist.  Upon start-up, pstclntsave immediately
              locks  this  file.   Before  exiting,  pstclntsave  most  likely
              removes this file.

              Before  exiting,  pstclntsave attempts to lock this file.  If it
              succeeds,    then    /nsr/tmp/group.tmp    is    removed.     If
              /nsr/tmp/group.lck  does  not exist, it is created.  The file is
              never removed.

              Where this command logs its status.


       preclntsave(1), savepnpc(1), save(1)


Legato NetWorker 7.x

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