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nwbackup - NetWorker graphical backup interface


       nwbackup [ -s server ] [ path ]


       nwbackup  is  an  X  Window  System  application.  It is a front end to
       save(1) and used to save files to a  NetWorker  server  on  an  ad  hoc
       basis.  Normally, files are saved automatically.

       The  server's  name can be specified with the -s server argument.  When
       no server is specified, nwbackup uses the server selection rules  found
       in nsr(1).  When multiple NetWorker servers are accessible, they can be
       selected from within the  nwbackup  command.   If  path  is  specified,
       nwbackup  initializes  the  current  selection  to the given path.  The
       default selection if path is  not  specified  is  the  current  working

       NetWorker supports both scheduled network-wide backups and manual back-
       ups of client system files and directories.  To  request  an  immediate
       manual backup, run nwbackup.

       Check  that  the  correct  NetWorker  server is selected. The Server is
       identified in the Main window. You can change servers using the  Change
       Server  command  if  necessary.  This is the Server to which the client
       files will be backed up. The hostname of the  current  client  is  dis-
       played  in  the  Client field. The pathname of the current directory is
       displayed in the Selection field.

       Change directories by entering the full pathname in the Selection field
       or by highlighting the icon in the Backup window.

       To  perform  a manual backup, first mark the files and directories that
       you want to back up by selecting their checkboxes.  Then  select  Start
       backup...  from  the  File  menu  of the Backup window. You must select
       whether to compress files or exclude patterns  in  the  Backup  Options
       dialog box to continue the backup.

       A complete explanation of the nwbackup command can be found in the Net-
       Worker Administrator's Guide.


       -s server
              Set the current NetWorker server to server.


              The X11 resources for nwbackup.


       nsr(1), nsradmin(1), nwbackup(1), nwrecover(1), save(1)

       The NetWorker Administrator's Guide


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