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ndmpjbconf - NDMP Server information configuration tool




	The ndmpjbconf program is an user-interactive program to get information of the NDMP server, which has
	a jukebox (Media Autochanger Device) directly attached, including NDMP server name, user name and
	jukebox handle on the NDMP server. With the provided information, the user will be able to issue a set of
	scsi commands from NetWorker Server to communicate with the NDMP server remotely.

	NOTE: The ndmpjbconf program is only required to run before issuing NetWorker "inquire -N -f ..." and all
	sji commands. However, it is not necessary to run this program before running jbconfig(1m). The password
	for the user on the NDMP server, will be prompted during inquire(1m)

	A NDMP configuration file will be generated at a default location. The name of the NDMP config file will
	be "ndmpjbconf_". A default config file named "ndmpjbconf" with the same content
	as the above config file will also be generated in the default directory. This default config file will be used
	by inquire command if -f is not specified.

	The format of the NDMP config file is a one-line text file:
	server user jukebox_handle


	# ndmpjbconf
	Enter NDMP Server name: hawaii
	Enter NDMP user name: root
	Enter NDMP Jukebox handle: mc0



	Require super user privilege to execute the ndmpjbconf program in order to create directory for storing the
	config file. The NDMP config file will be generated with super user read-only permission.




Legato NetWorker 7.x

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