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nsrhsmck - check and correct consistency for an HSM-managed filesystem


       nsrhsmck [ -cdfMv ] [ -s server ] path


       The  nsrhsmck  command  checks  and  corrects  consistency  between HSM
       migrated files stored in NetWorker and on-disk files.  There are  three
       situations handled by nsrhsmck.

       The  first situation occurs when a symbolic link is created that points
       to the same name in the NetWorker  IB  namespace  as  another  symbolic
       link.   This  is  known  as  the  duplicated link case.  The corrective
       action for a duplicated link is to replace the duplicate  with  another
       symbolic  link.  The  replacement  must  point to the original symbolic
       link, and not directly into the NetWorker IB namespace.

       The second situation occurs when the stub pointing to a  migrated  file
       has been deleted.  This is known as the possible delete case.  The term
       "possible" is used here, because the stub may reappear  at  some  later
       point  in  time,  possibly  if a recover of the stub is done using Net-
       Worker.  The corrective action for a possible deletion is to  mark  the
       index  entry for the migrated file as possibly deleted.  Note that if a
       file marked as possibly deleted is detected on disk  before  the  index
       entry  can  be  deleted, the index entry will be unmarked as a possible

       The third situation handled by nsrhsmck  is  an  index  entry  that  is
       marked  as  a  possible  deletion, but has passed the 60-day expiration
       period.  This is known as the  expired  delete  case.   The  corrective
       action for this case is to remove the expired entries from the HSM file
       index.  Before an entry is deleted from the HSM  file  index,  a  final
       check is made to make sure the file does not exist on disk.

       You must specify a path on the command line when nsrhsmck is run.  Only
       files and index entries that fall under  the  path  specified  will  be
       examined for consistency.


       -c     Scans  the  HSM  file  index, and deletes index entries that are
              marked as possibly deleted but have passed the 60-day expiration

       -d     Scans  the HSM file index, and marks any possible deletions that
              are detected.

       -f     Scans the filesystem on disk, and searches for duplicated  links
              and relinks them.

       -M     Master  mode  (not  advised for manual operation).  This advises
              nsrhsmck that it is being run by  nsrexecd(1)  or  another  Net-
              Worker  daemon and should log messages with timestamps, and per-
              form any other behavior expected by nsrexecd.

              of output, and is not recommended for use in most situations.


   Exit Codes
       0      Normal exit.
       1      Abnormal exit.


       nsr(5), nsr(1), nsr_migration(5), nsrexecd(1), nsrmig(1), nsrpmig(1)


Legato NetWorker 7.x

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