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stk_eject - eject tapes from a StorageTek silo


       stk_eject acsls_hostname cap_id mode volser0 ... volsern


       The  stk_eject  command  allows  you to eject one to 42 tapes at a time
       from a StorageTek silo.  By using the ACSLS (through ssi  on  the  Net-
       Worker  system),  this  utility  originally  was  intended to avoid the
       nsrjb(1) command's limitation of ejecting only one  tape  per  command.
       The  limitation  in nsrjb(1) was removed in NetWorker version 5.5 Patch
       3.  However, stk_eject is being maintained for  compatibility  and  for
       use in customer developed scripts.

       Starting  with version 1.1 of stk_eject, you will be able to eject vol-
       umes from devices controlled by more than one ACSLS server, as long  as
       you are also using ssi version 1.06 or greater.  The correct ssi to use
       will be automatically detected by stk_eject based on the ACSLS hostname
       passed in on the command line.

       NOTE:  stk_eject  does NOT deallocate volumes for the NetWorker system.
       To properly maintain the NetWorker software's idea of what  is  and  is
       not  present  in the silo, you MUST perform the deallocation separately
       using the nsrjb -x -Txxx command.

       All parameters are required, and the list of volsers can be from  1  to
       42 elements long.  Volsers beyond the limit of 42 will be ignored.

       acsls_hostname - 1 word host ID of system running ACSLS or Library Sta-
                        tion - e.g.  expo1

       cap_id - STK cap name, no internal spaces - e.g.  0,0,0

       mode - should this command wait until the eject is completed?
                   values are WAIT or NOWAIT for QUIET mode
                                   - or -
                   WAITV or NOWAITV for VERBOSE mode

       volser - 6 character STK volser list - not checked for size or form -
                only first 6 characters are used.  Volsers should be separated
                by a single space character.

                *** You may eject up to 42 VOLSERS per command ***

       NOTE: in NOWAIT or NOWAITV mode, there is no confirmation of ejection
             on this system.

       If you require confirmation, you should use the WAIT or WAITV modes.
       This program will then receive confirmation from ACSLS, but it will not
       return to the caller until all ejected tapes have been removed from the

       You will not receive any messages regarding emptying the CAP when it




Legato NetWorker 7.x

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