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cdi_inq - get inquiry information from a tape device


       cdi_inq -f device [ -v ] [ -t { s | t | g | n | m | i } ]


       The  cdi_inq  program  obtains  inquiry information from a tape device.
       The data returned include Vital Product Data (VPD)  pages.   Note  that
       the  inquire (1) command can be used for a more comprehensive output of
       the serial number identifiers.


       -f     device
            Specifies the device to obtain inquiry information from.


       -t     Use the -t option to specify the method of tape functions to use
              to  query  the device for inquiry information.  If the -t option
              is not specified, the default method  is  to  use  the  OS  tape
              driver  SCSI  passthrough functions.  Please refer to the libcdi
              (1) manpage for a complete list of access methods currently sup-
              ported by the cdi_inq program.

       -v     Run the program in verbose mode.  This option will print out the
              version number of the CDI library used by the program.


       Sample output from cdi_inq:

     % cdi_inq -f /dev/rmt/2cbn

     Standard Inquiry data:

     VPD pages supported:
       cdi_info.drivestat is:
         status = 1, DRIVE_STATUS_NO_ERROR
         msg = Drive reports no error - but state is unknown

     % cdi_inq -f /dev/rmt/0cbn

     Standard Inquiry data:
      Vendor:        QUANTUM
      Product:       DLT8000
      Rev:           0232

     VPD pages supported:
             Pages 00 80 83 c0 c1
      Serial number page (80):
      Device ID page (83):


Legato NetWorker 7.x

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