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nwretrieve - NetWorker graphical retrieve interface


       nwretrieve [ -s server ]


       nwretrieve  is  an X Window System application.  It is used to retrieve
       files that have been archived with NetWorker.  If you are running in  a
       non-X11 environment, nsrretrieve(1) may be used to retrieve files.

       The  server's  name may be specified with the -s server argument.  When
       no server is specified, nwretrieve  uses  the  server  selection  rules
       found  in nsr(1).  When multiple NetWorker servers are accessible, they
       may be selected from within the nwretrieve command.

       If you are retrieving files that  were  archived  with  Access  Control
       Lists  (ACLs),  you  need  to be in group operator or the file owner to
       retrieve the file.  See the NetWorker Administrator's  Guide  for  more
       information  about file permissions issues associate with archiving and

       There are three basic steps to retrieve a lost file:  (1)  Browse  Net-
       Worker's  list  of  Archives  in  the  Retrieve window.  (2) Select the
       Archive you wish to retrieve.  (3) Start the retrieve.

       Opening the Retrieve window connects with the NetWorker server indexes.
       Selecting  the Query button displays a list of archive available on the
       server. The entries in the list represent previously archived files.

       To start the retrieve: Select the Start retrieve command from the  File
       menu.  The Retrieve Status dialog box appears, and you may enter a path
       to relocate to and select if you want to overwrite existing files.

       After you press OK in the Retrieve Status dialog box, the Retrieve will
       begin  retrieving the selected archives and status will be displayed in
       the Status field.  NetWorker  will  then  automatically  determine  the
       media needed to complete the retrieve, prompt the operator to mount the
       media, and execute the retrieve.

       A complete explanation of the nwretrieve command may be  found  in  the
       NetWorker Administrator's Guide, UNIX Version.


       -s server
              Set the current NetWorker server to server.


              The X11 resources for nwretrieve.


       nsr(1), nsradmin(1), nwarchive(1), nsrarchive(1), nsrretrieve(1)


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