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nsr_regexp - regular expression syntax


       This manual page describes the regular expression handling used in Net-
       Worker.  The regular expressions recognized are described  below.  This
       description is essentially the same as that for ed(1).

       A  regular expression specifies a set of strings of characters.  A mem-
       ber of this set of strings is said to be matched by the regular expres-

       Form   Description

       1.     Any  character  except a special character matches itself.  Spe-
              cial characters are the  regular  expression  delimiter  plus  a
              backslash(\),  brace([), or period(.)  and sometimes a carat(^),
              asterik(*), or dollar symbol($), depending upon the rules below.

       2.     A .  matches any character.

       3.     A  \  followed  by any character except a digit or a parenthesis
              matches that character.

       4.     A nonempty string s, bracketed string [s] (or [^s]) matches  any
              character  in (or not in) s.  In s, \ has no special meaning and
              ] may only appear as the first letter.  A  substring  a-b,  with
              aandb  in  ascending ASCII order, stands for the inclusive range
              of ASCII characters.

       5.     A regular expression of form 1 through 4 followed by * matches a
              sequence of 0 or more matches of the regular expression.

       6.     A  bracketed  regular  expression  x of form 1 through 8, \(x\),
              matches what x matches.

       7.     A \ followed by a digit n matches a copy of the string that  the
              bracketed  regular  expression  beginning  with  the  nth  \(x\)

       8.     A regular expression x of form 1 through 8 followed by a regular
              expression  y of form 1 through 7 matches a match for x followed
              by a match for y, with the x match being  as  long  as  possible
              while still permitting a y match.

       9.     A  regular expression of form 1 through 8 preceded by ^ (or fol-
              lowed by $), is constrained to matches that begin  at  the  left
              (or end at the right) end of a line.

       10.    A  regular  expression of form 1 through 9 picks out the longest
              among the leftmost matches in a line.

       11.    An empty regular expression stands for a copy of the last  regu-
              lar expression encountered.


Legato NetWorker 7.x

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