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lusdebug - set library debugging level


       lusdebug debug-level


       The  lusdebug  command  sets  a debugging level for the underlying Net-
       Worker SCSI device drivers.

       Debugging level 0 (zero) turns off debugging.   Larger  numbers  enable
       greater levels of debugging.

       The  lusdebug  level  can now be specified as a bitmask; bit X set will
       show messages that are set to show at debug level  X+1.   For  example,
       bit  0  set  will cause messages at debug level 1 to be displayed.  The
       exact level for any given message is listed at the end of  the  message
       in  parentheses, such as (1) for a message displayed for debug level 8.

       Using the bitmask allows you to display any or all levels of  debugging
       information.   The old method only allowed you to set the highest level
       you wished to see; all levels lower that the selected level were always
       displayed, whether you wanted to see them or not.

       You  may  still specify debugging levels the old way using by using the
       values old1 through old9.  The results will be displayed using the  new
       bitmask format.

       Values  can  be entered in decimal (0 to 65535), hex (0x0 - 0xffff), or
       binary (0b0 - 0b1111111111111111).  Zeros after the 0x or  0b  prefixes
       are not required for binary or hex values.

       Values    that    correspond    to    previous    debug   levels   are:
                      new            new            new        old       deci-
       mal        hex            binary
            1         1              0x0001         0x0000000000000001
            2         3              0x0003         0x0000000000000011
            3         7              0x0007         0x0000000000000111
            4         15             0x000f         0x0000000000001111
            5         31             0x001f         0x0000000000011111
            6         63             0x003f         0x0000000000111111
            7         127            0x007f         0x0000000001111111
            8         255            0x00ff         0x0000000011111111
            9         511            0x01ff         0x0000000111111111
            10        1023           0x03ff         0x0000001111111111
            11        2047           0x07ff         0x0000011111111111
            12        4095           0x0fff         0x0000111111111111
            13        8191           0x1fff         0x0001111111111111
            14        16383          0x3fff         0x0011111111111111
            15        32767          0x7fff         0x0111111111111111
            16        65535          0xffff         0x1111111111111111

       Values     corresponding     to    individual    debug    level    are:
                      new            new            new        old       deci-
       mal        hex            binary
            9         256            0x0100         0x0000000100000000
            10        512            0x0200         0x0000001000000000
            11        1024           0x0400         0x0000010000000000
            12        2048           0x0800         0x0000100000000000
            13        4096           0x1000         0x0001000000000000
            14        8192           0x2000         0x0010000000000000
            15        16384          0x4000         0x0100000000000000
            16        32768          0x8000         0x1000000000000000


       Invalid debug levels are treated the same as debug level zero.

       Debug    level    values    greater    than   65535   (0xffff,   binary
       0x1111111111111111) will be treated as 65535  (0ffff,  binary,  and  so


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