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preclntsave - Child process to run pre-processing commands for Net- Worker savepnpc.


       preclntsave -s server -c client -g group [-D debuglevel]


       The preclntsave process attempts to lock the  /nsr/tmp/group.tmp  file.
       If it cannot, then it exits with status 0 indicating the pre-processing
       commands had been run.  If the lock succeeds, then preclntsave  invokes
       all  of the pre-processing commands specified in the /nsr/res/group.res
       file, and then spawns the pstclntsave process, and exits with status 0.
       The  lock on /nsr/tmp/group.tmp that preclntsave acquired is bequeathed
       to pstclntsave.

       Note: This is to be invoked by savepnpc program only. It is  not  meant
       for users to use.


       -s server
              Specifies the controlling server.

       -c client
              The name of the client where the pre-processing commands will be
              performed on.

       -g group
              Specifies the group name that is being run.

       -D debuglevel
              For debugging purpose, the debug level could be 1, 2 or 3.


              The lock on this file must be acquired before  preclntsave  per-
              forms any other actions.  The lock is released only upon process
              exit.  If the file does not exist, it is created.  The  file  is
              never removed.

              Preclntsave  attempts  to  acquire  a  lock on this file.  If it
              fails, then the command exits with status zero.  If it succeeds,
              then  it executes the pre-processing commands.  If they succeed,
              then preclntsave executes the pstclntsave command and  bequeaths
              the  lock  to  it.   If  the file does not exist, it is created.
              This command does not remove the file.

              The file that contains the actual pre-commands that this command

              This   vestigial   file   is   created  and  locked  before  the
              /nsr/res/group.res is opened.  The file is never removed.


Legato NetWorker 7.x

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