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mmpool - NetWorker media pool reporting command


       mmpool [ -s server ] [ volume...  ]

       [ -d pool ] [ -l pool ] [ -L ]


       The  mmpool  command  is  used to access pool information stored in the
       NetWorker server's media database.  This command can also  be  used  to
       delete  all  the  volumes  in a particular pool.  If you specify one or
       more volume names with the mmpool command, the report  shows  the  pool
       that  each  named volume belongs to.  By default, all volumes and their
       pools are displayed.

       You cannot change the pool to which a volume belongs without relabeling
       the  volume,  which  destroys all data stored on the volume.  Pools are
       configured through a NetWorker administration tool, such as  nwadmin(1)
       or  nsradmin(1).  These tools are used to create and modify unique pool
       (see nsr_pool(5)) resources.


       -d pool
              Deletes all volumes for  the  given  pool.   The  user  will  be
              prompted for deletion of each volume.

       -l pool
              Lists all volumes and the pools to which they belong.  If a pool
              is specified, mmpool only lists the volumes  belonging  to  that

       -L     Lists  the names of all pool resources configured on the server.

       -s server
              Specifies the NetWorker server to act upon.  See  nsr(1)  for  a
              description of server selection.


       /nsr/mm/mmvolume (UNIX)  The media database on the server.


       nsr(1),  nsr_device(5),  nsr_pool(5),  nsradmin(1),  nsrjb(1), nsrmm(1)


Legato NetWorker 7.x

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