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jbexercise - NetWorker jukebox exerciser


       jbexercise  -m model -c control_port [ -V vendor_type ] [ -CdsIv ] [ -D
       drive ] [ -S slot ]


       The jbexercise command tests the functionality of  a  jukebox.   Before
       the  command  can  be  run, all contents of the jukebox must be emptied
       except for media loaded in the first and last slots.  These  pieces  of
       media  will  be  moved  around the jukebox as part of the various tests
       performed by jbexercise.

       There are two major tests of functionality: drives and slots.  Normally
       both  the drive and slot tests are run.  Individual component types can
       be tested by using the -d (for drives) and -s (for slots) options.   In
       addition,  specific  components  can  be  singled  out in the -D and -S
       options.  When these options are given, the only test run  is  on  that
       particular  component, that is, if a specific slot is named, the drives
       test is not run.  For drives, the  logical  address  of  the  component
       should be given.  For slots, the physical address should be given.

       Upon  startup, the program queries the user for the non-rewinding path-
       names of the drives, if any, found in the configuration of the jukebox.
       This  query  is not performed if the user is using a jukebox which does
       not require media to be ejected from a device, that is, the device  has
       automatic ejection capabilities.

       The  first  test  moves  the  media  from the first slot to each of the
       drives.  No operator intervention is required.

       The second test loads the media from various slots to the first  drive.
       The  default  is  to  test the media in the first and last slots in the
       jukebox.  If a specific slot is being tested, the operator  must  first
       load that slot with media.


       -C     This  makes  jbexercise return the configuration of the jukebox.
              No tests are run.

       -c     Specifies the control port which is used to interface  with  the
              jukebox  (for  example,  1.5.0 from scsidev@1.5.0 which could be
              found by issuing the inquire(1) command).

       -d     Tests only drives.

       -D     Tests only the specified drive.

       -I     Returns only an inventory of the jukebox.  No tests are run.

       -m     Specifies  the  model  of  the  jukebox.  Note  that  for   most
              jukeboxes,  the  model  'Standard  SCSI  jukebox'  should be the
              model used with the '-m'  option.  However,  there  are  certain

       -v     Verbose mode.  Prints more information.

       -V     Specifies a particular vendor id.  This allows the vendor to use
              the same driver for a number of jukebox models.


       nsrjb(1), nsr_jukebox(5)


       Most diagnostic messages are specific to each type of jukebox.  General
       messages include the following:

       invalid <component> specified
              An invalid id for the <component> was given.   The  id  must  be
              within  the  valid ranges of the jukebox configuration.  <compo-
              nent> can be a drive, port or slot.

       status incorrect, media present
              There is media loaded in a component but  the  component  status
              operation does not indicate this.

       status incorrect, invalid slot location
              The  component  status  operation is giving the incorrect source
              slot of the loaded media.

       no drives found!!!
              No drives were listed in the configuration.

       no slots found!!!
              No slots were listed in the configuration.


Legato NetWorker 7.x

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