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sjiielm - test the SJI Jukebox Interface SJIIELEM command


       sjiielm devname [ { drive | slot | inlt | mt } address nelements ]


       The  sjiielm  program tests the SJIIELEM command on SJI compliant Juke-
       boxes (see libsji(1)).  This command tests the Initialize Element  Sta-
       tus interface for a Jukebox. If a Jukebox doesn't support this feature,
       an appropriate error message will be printed out.

       The devname argument should be any device name  that  can  be  used  to
       reach a SJI compliant Jukebox driven by the system. Typical usage is in
       constructing the name that contains the SCSI Bus, the  SCSI  Target  ID
       and the SCSI Lun on that target, e.g., scsidev@0.4.0.

       The  additional  optional  arguments are for Jukeboxes that support the
       initialization of a specific range  of  elements.  In  this  case,  you
       select  one  of element types of drive, or slot, or inlt (Import/Export
       element), or mt (Media Transport, or the "Robot Arm"), and give an  SJI
       normalized  (i.e.,  starting  from 1) address and number of elements to




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