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sjirelem - test the SJI Jukebox Interface SJIRELEM command


       sjirelem devname


       The  sjirelem program tests the SJIRELEM command on SJI compliant Juke-
       boxes (see libsji(1)).  This command reads media  presence  and  origin
       data from a Jukebox.

       Example output for this command:

       Element Data for 0.2.1, Element Type DATA TRANSPORT:
               Elem[001]: pres_val=1 med_pres=1 med_side=0
                          Origin: type STORAGE, address 5
       Element Data for 0.2.1, Element Type STORAGE:
               Elem[001]: pres_val=1 med_pres=1 med_side=0
               Elem[002]: pres_val=1 med_pres=1 med_side=0
               Elem[003]: pres_val=1 med_pres=1 med_side=0
               Elem[004]: pres_val=1 med_pres=1 med_side=0
               Elem[005]: pres_val=1 med_pres=0 med_side=0
               Elem[006]: pres_val=1 med_pres=1 med_side=0
               Elem[007]: pres_val=1 med_pres=1 med_side=0
       Element Data for 0.2.1, Element Type MEDIA TRANSPORT:
               Elem[001]: pres_val=1 med_pres=0 med_side=0

       The  devname  argument  should  be  any device name that can be used to
       reach a SJI compliant Jukebox driven by the system. Typical usage is in
       constructing  the  name  that contains the SCSI Bus, the SCSI Target ID
       and the SCSI Lun on that target, for example, scsidev@0.4.0.

       The output is sorted by types available, and then by ascending order.

       The boolean token med_pres states whether  the  Jukebox  believes  that
       there is media present at this location.

       The  boolean  token  pres_val is a subtle and overloaded indicator that
       states (if set to true, or 1), that the the token  med_pres  should  be
       believed  absolutely.  If  pres_val  is  not  true  (set  to zero), and
       med_pres is true (set to one), it is probable that there  is  media  at
       that  location,  but that there is some exception associated with it. A
       possible exception is that  a  tape  has  a  missing,  upside-down,  or
       unreadable  bar  code  label.  Also, a jukebox cannot determine whether
       media that existed at one point (for example, prior to a power failure)
       has  been  removed  from a DATA TRANSPORT element (tape drive).  If the
       token pres_val is not true (set to zero), and med_pres is also not true
       (set  to  zero),  there  probably  isn't  media in that location.  This
       uncertainty is eliminated the next time an INITIALIZE ELEMENT STATUS is
       done (see sjiielm(1)).

       The  token med_size is for two sided media (e.g., optical disks), where
       the Jukebox has kept track of which side is up.

       When the Jukebox can, it might also say where the last place a piece of


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