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   - Windows Only


nsrexec - remotely execute NetWorker commands on NetWorker clients


       nsrexec  [  -a auth ] [ -vR ] [ -c client ] [ -f file | - ] [ -N ] [ --
       ...  ]


       The nsrexec command is run only by other NetWorker commands. It is used
       to  remotely execute commands on NetWorker clients running nsrexecd and
       monitor the progress of those commands.


       -a     the authentication type to use.

       -c     the client on which to run the command.

       -R     a filesystem probe is being performed.

       -v     verbose output has been requested.

       -f     data is read from a file or the standard input.

       -N     client is an NDMP client.

       --     (double dash) information after the  double  dash  is  used  for
              descriptive purposes only.


       nsr(5), nsr(1), nsrexecd(1), savegrp(1)


Legato NetWorker 7.x

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